Georgia for Huckabee launches.

If you like Mike you can now get connected with other Huckabee fans in Georgia at the Georgia for Huckabee website.


  1. TPSoCal says:

    I agree with dingleberry! I was looking at Mike until I found out he likes the nanny state. He supports further restrictions on smoking. I can overlook a lot of weaknesses, but you try to take my cigs, and we’re gonna have a problem. Just say NO to Mike Huckabee!

  2. EAVDad says:

    Well, as someone who will likely not vote Republican this election (and has in the past)…

    Huckabee actually offends me far less than any of the other candidates. I know we have a lot of Fred Heads on this blog, but guys — give it up. He’s a lightweight. Giuliani is gonna have trouble surviving the attacks during the campaign. Romney is, well, named “Mitt Romney” and he’s Mormon. Ron Paul is certainly intriguing, but he’s not electable and his supporters frighten me a little.

    But then again, my favorite candidate is Democrat Chris Dodd. And he don’t have a prayer.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Fred will be on “Meet The Press” this Sunday. Watch it if you are undecided. He may show everyone why there were “Draft Fred Thompson” movements that sprang up all over America.

    A Thompson-Giuiliani Ticket would be unbeatable!!!!

    John McCain could be Secretary of Defense

  4. Carpe Forem says:

    The current big government Republicans are pushing Huckabee to try to keep the Social conservatives in the big tent (vp candidate). However, they’ll still lose the fiscal conservatives. They’re fed up.

    I agree with Indy in that Paul is the big tent Reagan Republican, fiscal and social conservative and pro business. He is also anti war in Iraq and pro individual freedom which will bring in folks from the left. His views on the war causes some to think he is weak on defense. However, the fact of the matter, Paul is very strong on defense. Instead of building 14 new bases and an embassy the size of the Vatican in Iraq, maybe we should be improving our bases here at home.

    Ron Paul is the Republican’s only hope of winning next November.

  5. IndyInjun says:


    Sorry, but today after the markets closed a brokerage analyst who follows Merrill Lynch downgraded that company saying that it will have to write down ANOTHER $10 billion for a total of $18 BILLION.

    Along with this CITICORP’s board is in a weekend long emergency meeting. Citi is the biggest bank in the USA.

    Dr. Paul is the one man in the Congress who has spoken out against the financial lunacy perpetrated by the GOP that I once contributed to and he is being labeled a “kook.”

    I suggest that the politicians that Peachpunditeers should be most frightened of are the ones who have delivered us to the brink of a financial abyss and keep shoving us from behind.

    After this election is all over and the apologists for this, the most corrupt administration of all time, have succeeded in hooting and catcalling Dr. Paul down, the US economy will go into full meltdown mode (if not sooner), many will have lost everything, and I will have the faint satisfaction of knowing that I TRIED to alert the people.

    This will never compensate for the damage done by the GOP that I supported.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    Debbie I am going to use some deductive logic here.

    Fred Thompson since entering the race has underwhelmed all but the heaviest of Kool Aid drinkers at every appearance and never once looked like anything other than a simpleton and not convinced anyone he is presidential.

    This Sunday is a Fred Thompson appearance.


  7. IndyInjun says:

    Rugby –

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….you might awaken Erick to how stupid he is going to look when Thompson drops out and Ron Paul is still around.

  8. BubbaRich says:

    Why do Ron Paul supporters generally come across as crazy? Even when that becomes a standing joke, THEY KEEP DOING IT. I think I’d better re-read _Atlas Shrugged_ for clues.

    Huckabee seems to be a decent human being, and MUCH saner than Paul. If he wasn’t so dismally bad at understanding science, he might be my top choice. I’m pretty sure you republicans are going to weed out my current top candidate (McCain) before the election anyway.

  9. Insider Mike says:

    If you like more government spending, intrusion, and taxes, go ahead and vote for Huckabee. Huckabee is your classic big government Republican. I can’t imagine too many people wanting another big government Republican after the current administration…

  10. John Konop says:


    IndyInjun agree or not with him, comes across as the most intelligent and well read poster on this blog and he is a Ron Paul supporter. Please help me understand via facts or issues why IndyInjun, a Ron Paul supporter comments are

  11. IndyInjun says:

    John Konop:

    Thanks for the compliment, but I share culpability for allowing the lunatic fringe neocons and the holy rollers take over the party.

    This is a neocon site, primarily.

    The power-addicted folks remaining loyal to THIS GOP are all who remain. Constitutionalists, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents have no place and are even more frightened of the GOP than the Democrats and Hillary.

    We would like to have a President Paul instead of President Hillary but when the latter comes about it won’t be we who are responsible, it will be the Erick Ericksons of the GOP.

    We will find a home,and if not back in the GOP after the neocons have been sent packing, it will be in a new party with the GOP going the way of the dodo bird.

  12. IndyInjun says:

    I might add that they THINK Georgia is a red state but may find that the red stands for the fury of the voters.

  13. John Konop says:


    Erick and company will never engage you in a debate about issues and policy. All they know is personal attacks and talking points. I wonder if they even understand what they are defending.

    Why are you guys so scared of Indy?

  14. BubbaRich says:

    IndyInjun (and maybe Carpe Forum) have uttered these, among others, in the last few hours:

    >>I might add that they THINK Georgia is a
    >>red state but may find that the red stands
    >>for the fury of the voters.

    (Georgia will vote for whomever the republican candidate is, even more overwhelmingly if the dems choose a woman or a black man as a candidate. Georgia is a red state.)

    >>We will find a home,and if not back in the
    >>GOP after the neocons have been sent
    >>packing, it will be in a new party with the
    >>GOP going the way of the dodo bird.

    (The Ron Paul people think they’re going to kill the GOP? The GOP might fall apart, because the fiscal conservatives and social conservatives have problems agreeing on a candidate. Bush, Bush, and Reagan fooled them all by pretending to be both, but not really supporting either when in office.)

    >>How do we go to our reward, knowing that
    >>we enabled the crowd who destroyed a
    >>nation built on the blood of patriots, then
    >>dismissed our last chance to set things right?


  15. IndyInjun says:


    Seriously, if folks like me are unleashed, it destroys their little love-fest with the GOP incumbency, the GOP hackocracy loses influence, and pretty soon Erick won’t have anyone noteworthy to rub elbows with.

    We Independents, Fiscal Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians are coming for them and it won’t be pretty.

    We destroyed their boy, Max Burns, in 2006 and figure to deal out more retribution next year.

    Erick has not much to say because he is joined to the failing Fred, who has gone NOWHERE and who will not even eclipse their bogeyman, Dr. Paul.

    If there is a President Hillary, it will be they who put her in. Their GOP is even more frightening than she.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Fred not going anywhere? Don’t see how you figure that considering Fred has consistently polled 2nd and is gaining on Rudy. Where does Paul in the polls? Hmmm…

    In the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Rudy Giuliani remains on top. Among Likely Republican Primary Voters nationwide, Giuliani is preferred by 21% while Fred Thompson is the first choice for 17%. John McCain is third at 15% trailed by Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee who are each the top choice for 12%. No other Republican attracts more than 3% support

  17. IndyInjun says:


    The people I talk to are mad as heck at both parties, and feel betrayed by the GOP for good reason as you noted.

    You doubt that Max Burns was done in by we fiscal conservatives in 2006? Shoot, that district was redrawn just for him to beat Barrow.

    Maybe you don’t like my tone, but I really despise the GOP as it is presently constituted after 30 years of hefty contributions to GOP candidates.

    They won’t be getting one thin dime from now on.

    If you know anything at all about the per capita debt that the GOP piled on, you know that it is unsustainable and will lead to ruin.

    The pain that is on the way will make even Georgians reassess their commitment to the GOP.

    Being called a ‘kook’ or ‘nuts’ by the partisans of either of these parties is a badge of honor.

  18. IndyInjun says:


    Thompson is more doomed that was Ralph Reed but without pimping out the Baptists to casinos.

    In Iowa, he is in 4th. In New Hampshire he is ahead of Dr. Paul – barely. In SC, he is 3rd. His fundraising is going nowhere.

    I hate to break it to you, but the national polls mean nothing. What matters are the early primaries and funds. WHEN Thompson finishes no higher than 3rd in the early primaries, he is DONE.

    Ron Paul will have the funds to be around for the duration, along with the rest of we ‘kooks.’

  19. John Konop says:


    Show me a comment on a issue or policy that I made that was “borderline”?

    Once again you are part of the gang that will go personal with no FACTS!

    I am against the wasteful and failed No Child Left Behind is this borderline?

    I am against current nation building foreign policy is this borderline?

    I am against the BUSH/CLINTON open border policy via immigration is that borderline?

    I agree with billionaire Warren Buffet and Greenspan that out current trade debt and policy is out of control is this borderline?

    I think Adam Smith the father of free economics was right that pitting third world workers with limited rights against American workers with rights is feudalism not capitalism is this borderline?

    Please help me understand do you have a real issue with my views and was it just a hateful comment?

    Try focusing on policy, issues and facts!

  20. I haven’t been following the big race too closely, but from what I hear from the office, read in the newspaper, and in the various media, Huckabee is on a strong upward trend. With the exception of Giuliani, the rest have been in a state of limbo for a few weeks.

    I like Paul’s conservative/libertarian positions on limited government, but from virtually every corner it seems his troops have some racial fetish, which is unfortunate. Somehow suggesting that the “Zionists” are strangling our country is absurd, ridiculous and definitely on the kook fringe. Having that as your message bearer is foolish, might as well close shop and go home.

  21. IndyInjun says:

    Maurice Atkinson:

    Just how is Ron Paul a “zionist” “message bearer?”

    What you just practiced is guilt by association, one of the oldest smears in the book.

    Care to prove your assertion?

    As for Huckabee, Bush proved that all you can easily fool the holy rollers by having a thin veneer of religiosity, knowing fully well that they won’t look further to discover that it is all a lie.

    Huckabee will be cannon fodder for the Dems, as the man is a total fake that fiscal conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and independents will not support.

    The GOP really does have a death wish, doesn’t it?

  22. RuralDem says:

    Hrmm, so Maurice, if a staunch pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-tax increase liberal supporting a social and fiscal conservative, then the conservative is a message bearer of the liberal causes? If 10% of conservatives support Congressman John Lewis, then is he the message bearer for conservative causes? Come on now.

    Every candidate has wackos supporting them. It happens. I think it’s hilarious how the GOP is reacting to Ron Paul’s candidacy. I don’t agree with him on much but I respect the fact that he’s honest about what he believes in and does not pander.

    Anyway, I like Huckabee. Romney might actually be the strongest candidate since he’ll support whatever the crowd he’s talking to supports! Romney could really build a big tent, but he’d have to hope those in that tent never speak to each other!

  23. StevePerkins says:

    Indy, just a couple of thoughts here. Take them in the spirit with which they’re intended.

    Oscar Wilde once quipped that, “brevity is the soul of wit”. While political blogs can be serious rather than witty sometimes… the general principle still holds true that you can communicate more effectively when you’re concise and to-the-point rather than rambling. You often respond to every comment by posting paragraphs and paragraphs of over-the-top hyperbole, and it causes people to tune you out.

    Secondly, I’ve noticed that you will oftentimes post a comment, and then five minutes later post a follow-up to your own comment. This suggests to me an “itchy trigger-finger” for shooting off posts. I’d bet that if you took a little more time to contemplate what you want to say… not only would it be more clear and concise, you’d also be less likely to leave out thoughts and have to go back to add them.

    We’re both Ron Paul supporters, and I’m glad to see you carrying the banner. However, while the fire-breathing approach is more entertaining, it is never as effective at genuinely winning over hearts and minds as clear and focused communication can be.

  24. IndyInjun says:


    Thanks for the advice.

    My “problem” is that the GOP can count me gone and only the Paul campaign “might” bring me back.

    The Dems have gotten the picture and are now recruiting more Blue Dogs who do a much better job of representing CONSERVATIVE values than do the miserable lot of GOP incumbents.

    Thirty years ago the Dems ruled supreme but I voted GOP in all national elections. By 1980 or so a “D” on a ballot meant “Damned” in my book at every level.

    No more. I kind of liked participating in Barrow’s victory over the GOP Impostor Burns.

    The GOP needs to reform itself but won’t – chosing to ridicule the indies, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists, instead. I frankly have gotten a gut full of their crap over the last 5 years and have no further interest in “turning the other cheek.”

    Their big tent is now Larry Craig’s toilet stall.

  25. RuralDem says:

    The Blue Dogs should continue to rise within the party. I think it’s ironic that when the liberal faction started pushing the centrists and conservatives away, the party fell into the minority. However, look at the faction who delivered the party control of both the US Senate and House.

    Anyway, to stay on topic:

    I’m glad to see a Huckabee support site, and even a Fred support site, for Georgia. I hope within the next few months that most of the major candidates will have a “Georgia for Candidate” site. Our great state has been overlooked for too long. It’s time we make both sides work for our vote.

  26. Rural, I’m not trashing Paul. I actually like the man and what he stands for. Many are what I posted, every candidate probably has some fringe folks, but it is undeniable that they are prevelent in the Paul camp. Heck, even Neal Boortz talked about it on his show.

    I’ve had my run in with one of them. They’re well meaning, hard working, but they have some warped world view. I was amazed that someone in 2007 who is a key element of the organization was spewing anti-semitic hatred. That is no where close to mainstream and only will nuke any positive influence on the electorate. I doubt their organization wants to be identified with the likes of David Duke apologists.

  27. Man, I ough to write a post then paste it. That second sentence makes no sense. What I meant to say, is the people I was referring to were fringe, but they are a vocal fringe and happen to be in key organization positions.

    They don’t speak for Dr. Paul, nor does he share that view, but they happen to be the arms and legs on the ground.

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