1. The Comma Guy says:

    Of course Etheridge is going to stand up for Fuller. Etheridge has a vested interest too in keeping Georgia’s version of federal judges around. As a Senior Judge in Fulton County he has had a law clerk for the past 3 years, the same one he has had for the previous 24 while he was on the bench, as he worked a part time schedule doing mediations – about 100 a year. His daily rate as a Senior Judge is $586, including the state mandated salary and county supplement.

    If he just worked the 100 days (assuming no prep days or anything like that) he made $58,600 last year…on top of his pension.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    Schwall is a great guy and a great judge. There is nothing wrong with bringing attention to events when they are going wrong. If Etheridge wants to sit back and just let all hell brake loose in the courtroom because it is not his place to speak up then he needs to be let go.

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