Shocking news!

Environmentalists are against reservoirs.

Transforming free-flowing rivers into lakes also could imperil native species and prevents water from flowing downstream to other communities, critics say.

Joe Cook, the executive director of the Upper Coosa Riverkeeper, worries that a new reservoir in the northwest Georgia river system he oversees could threaten 30 aquatic species – including snails, fish and mussels – found only in the basin.

‘We need to slow down this race to build reservoirs,’ he said. ‘It’s not going to solve the water problem. You build more, and you provide more water, then you’ll have more growth. And 30 years down the line, we’ll be in the same place we are in now.’

Nobody wants to wipe out native species but we just don’t do enough to capture rain in this State. Conservation is great but we can’t conserve ourselves out of this mess. This drought didn’t just start this year, we’ve had several years now of lower than average rain.

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  1. Dave says:

    These are the same fools that have prevented the US from building additional oil refineries, nuclear power plants and exploring for oil off of our coasts. They are directly responsible for keeping us dependent on foreign sources of oil and at the mercy of those radical populations of human debris. We are over there putting American lives at risk because we aren’t allowed to search for domestic sources that we know are here. Want to build a new refinery in the Gulf? Oh hell no, it might endanger some native species of mussel!! Wanna drill in proven oil fields in Alaska or off the coasts of Florida and California? Oh God, no!! We might get an oil spill and the tourists at the beaches would just hate seeing an oil rig!! Never mind that after about five miles offshore the beach going public wouldn’t even see them or know they were there. Same logic for nuclear power. Executive Orders need to be issued that would temporarily freeze all of these radical environmental laws and let us get on with becoming energy independent, politics be damned. And hopefully, the idiocy of the Endangered Species Act will finally begin to be ripped out by the roots.

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    Isn’t half the problem we are in due to one of our reservoirs, Lake Lanier, being used for some native species’ survival? Without Buford Dam those Florida sturgeon and mussels would be toast.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    We can capture all the water we need in Neal Boortz’s mouth alone. Add Glenn Richardson’s and Newt’s to the mix and we’ll soon be selling the excess to AL and FL… heavily taxed of course.

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