Can I take longer showers now?

AJC: Less water to be released from Lake Lanier

The Army Corps of Engineers will slowly reduce the flow of water from Lake Lanier under a temporary deal struck Thursday between Gov. Sonny Perdue and his counterparts from Alabama and Florida.

“I’m grateful for the relief,” said Perdue, who has been critical of federal officials for allowing a greater flow from Lake Lanier than he thinks is justified.

The governors said at a news conference held right after the meeting that reducing the flow out of the drying reservoir from 5,000 cubic feet per second to 4,200 cfs would meet the needs of all three states and preserve federally protected mussels downstream, at least temporarily.

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  1. juliobarrios says:

    Most folks, especially the environmentalists have it all wrong. If you are on sewer then the length of your showers is irrelevant, since all of the water is reclaimed and sent down the river to help the dying mussels. It’s the ones who are using a bucket while they shower, dishwater, grey water, etc.. to water their plants. That water is not reclaimed and is evaporated into the atmosphere – probably moving by cloud to flood some caribbean country.

    I know this posts will anger the enviros, because they like to feel like they are accomplishing something good, but taking buckets of “used” water from your home and dumping it outside is doing more harm than good.

    Do not use grey water for your plants, you’re killing the mussels and flooding caribbean people. Flushing the water down the drain is the most responsible thing you can do.

  2. Harry says:

    Mussels being a little lower on the food chain than crabs, thrive on bacteria rather than directly off human by-product. However, I imagine whatever does eventually come down to them from the Atlanta area is a good mix of nutrient.

  3. Still Looking says:

    Julios you are a little off the mark. Florida and Alabama claim that water taken from the Hooch that ends up in a septic system is removed from the basin. Septic tanks are therefore categorized as consumptive uses, just as grey water used to water plants. If you flush and you are on, or perhaps above, sewerage, the folks downstream get some benefits. In the future septic systems may be endangered species.

  4. juliobarrios says:

    I’m on city water and sewer, so the more I flush and the longer showers I take the more I’m protecting the river “wildlife” downstream.

    I’ll revise my statement:

    If you are on septic then long shower and multiple toilet flushes = bad

    If you are on city sewer then long showers and multiple toilet flushes is irrelevant and taking grey water outside = bad. Keep the grey water in the loop. If if you drink a glass of water and then pee outside on a dying plant, you’re hurting the water system by taking the “waste water” out of the reclamation system.

  5. patriot says:

    Re: recycled water… I still haven’t seen any analysis of how the water quality in Lake Lanier is being affected by the filtered sewage water that is pumped INTO it – since there is much less water for it to be diluted into…

  6. Charles Cone says:

    The first Brac Greywater Recycling System has been installed and is in operation in a home in the city of Atlanta. The Brac System was supplied by Southern Energy Solutions of Marittta, Georgia.

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    Available in residential and commercial sizes, the Brac System is more easily installed in new construction where the plumbing requirements can be designed into the building.

    Southern Energy Solutions

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