All Drains Lead To The Ocean

Borrowing a line from Finding Nemo, I’m continuing the water theme today. Riffing on Harry’s comment the previous entry…

We know where our water is sourced from in metro Atlanta. Some amount of it is ‘lost’ to manufacturing products that require water (I’m looking at you, Dasani). But the water that’s used in showers, toilets, washing, etc. is then treated and discharged.

Where does it go after we use it? Does it not get put back into the very ‘system’ (to use Harrys word) from which it came?

Have the sturgeon and mussels been living off of our discharge all this time?

Just wonderin.


  1. drjay says:

    water, lakes, dams, blah, blah, blah, did anyone else see that lance armstrong was seen making out w/ an olsen twin at some club in nyc–why are we not discussing the actual important issues like that on here???

  2. GAWire says:

    I cannot answer your question, Clayton. All I know is that we MUST protect the mussels! I mean, this is probably one of the most important issues of our generation. Drinking water for people that do bad things like hurting animals should not be a priority or concern to this administration. What did the mussels do to ever hurt anyone?!? They don’t bite. They don’t trample lawns or eat crops. They don’t hurt anyone or anything; therefore, it is our obligation, nay, duty, to save them at ALL costs. Better to have a thirsty child than any pain or harm come to mussels. Seriously, folks, I am pleading with you. Let’s stop hording the water. I mean, do we really need showers everyday? I know the AMA talks about drinking eight glasses of water a day, but don’t you think we will live by drinking only one or two? On that note, we should also raise prices further on water, so that additional profits can go towards building appropriate preservation facilities for the mussels. We shouldn’t be so concerned with the whole Save Darfur nonsense and it is just selfish to want to use water so much. Even though we were always taught that water makes up 75% of the earth’s surface, this is just another right-wing conspiracy that has been put into textbooks to make us feel okay about taking water from mussels – I mean, it’s like saying that we actually did not come from apes and that there was never a big bang. Come on, people. The environmentalists are on our side, because we are on the mussels’ side. Let’s do it for the mussels.

  3. jsm says:

    Water used in homes/buildings connected to public sewer goes back to the water treatment plant to be recycled (minus evaporation). Those on septic systems discharge used water into the ground to be filtered and trickle into underground waterways, local creeks, and the neighbor’s well.

  4. JRM2016 says:

    Unfortunately for those of us downriver, Atlanta has never had anything resembling an adequate combined sewer overflow (cso) system and therefore millions of gallons of water are wasted both in the anitquated intake system and in the rather feeble and pathetic attempt to return the water to the river. Of course, combined sewer overflow is expensive, but so is not having any water to bathe in, drink, etc…

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