1. Rick Day says:

    Yeah yeah, I know, I see conspiracies everywhere!

    Roads and repair companies are as evil as the tire companies in “Who framed Jessica Rabbit”. They used early politicians like LBJ and Eisenhower to go into alliance with oil (who provides asphalt and tar products). This created a corrupt system so dependent on future repair, it ensures that those who own road building companies billions (see report) worldwide.

    It is no secret that the “Brown & Root” part of KBR started business as a road and oil refinery construction business.

    What percentage of politicians are beholding to (i.e.-massively donated to) firms that build roads?

    Are the flying cars ready, yet?

    PS: if more people rode motorcycles or scooters there would be less wear on the roads.

  2. I can see the story 20 years from now when I-95 needs to be widened from 8 to 12 lanes and yada yada yada. Perhaps we need to look from a different angle. Instead of being reactive why not be proactive and consider a future system of transportation. I noticed the state owned property down the middle of I-16 is wide enough for a high speed rail system. A combination of rail and other forms of mass transit may be a better and cheaper solution in the long run. As the horse and buggy went kicking and screaming the time may well have come to wean ourselves off the single passenger commuter in major cities.

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