And . . . . Done

I’ve voted for myself. Christy claims to have voted for me too. Given that there is no opposition, I guess I can really be called a councilman-elect now. It’s kind of bothered me in the past few months that people have referred to me as such and I had not even been on a ballot. But now it won’t bother me anymore.

I already suspect that the next four years will be staggeringly miserable in frustration. Ha. Never the optimist. But that’s okay.


  1. memberg says:

    Why are you so quick to call yourself councilman-elect? Membership on the Macon City Council will undoubtedly lower your “influential conservative” ranking.

  2. Chris says:

    You voted on All-Hallows-Eve, how appropriate.

    You are now officially a politician. I shall pray for your soul.

    Oh, and congrats…..

  3. rugby_fan says:

    If Paul Broun can be denied being sworn in, and thus, the right to be called congressman, don’t be so assured that you can be called “councilman”.

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    Do I sniff tax deductibility for beer purchases in the near future? I may skip the whole New York thing and move to Macon instead.

  5. Allen Peake says:

    Well, I almost voted for Christy as a write-in candidate, since she IS the smartest one in the Erickson household, but I was worried you might find out and would never eat at Cheddar’s again……..welcome to my world brother!

  6. Erick says:

    Allen, she is the smartest one in the Erickson household, as is your wife in the Peake household. Both are smart enough to never run for office!

  7. Allen Peake says:

    I hear ya, so why in the world did they marry us? I know my reason – she knew if she married me, we would never go hungry (good eating at Cheddar’s and Captain D’s). What’s your reason – did she know she would be married to someone more famous than Chuck Norris?????

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