Statesboro Residents to Georgia Southern Students: We Hate You. Drop Dead.

At least a few Statesboro residents hate the students of Georgia Southern. Nancy Waters, on the Alcohol Control Board, apparently is feeling threatened that the students of Georgia Southern might actually now organize to overturn the Alcohol Control Board’s puritanical rule down there.

Ms. Waters and three others have filed challenges to student voter registrations.

From what I can gather, the Georgia Southern Student Government, student NAACP chapter, and several other groups went in together to aggressively get students to register to vote in Statesboro. There is a hotly contested city council election on November 6th.

Ms. Waters and her cohorts are filing challenges against 840 of the students who registered to vote. My understanding is that under Georgia law, if a student in a dorm or apartment desires to make his present locale his place of residence for purposes of voting, he is allowed to do so. However, there are other rules involved as well.

Now, here’s the part that tickles me. It seems that one of these challengers, who are calling themselves


  1. ToddH says:

    Statesboro residents need to be a little more thankful for the existence of GSU in their community.

    The school that would grow into GSU was first planned for Claxton, GA, a small town about twenty minutes from Statesboro. The residents of Claxton voted against having the school in their community. The school then went to a small farming community called Statesboro and that city has boomed since then.

    Without GSU there is no Statesboro, or at least no Statesboro worth visiting. Appreciation should be in order.

  2. drjay says:

    i actually thought you could not change your voter registration to a dorm room–i thought it was considered a non permanent residence–like a hotel –and that you had to have an actual physical address like an apt. to vote in your college town. having said that statesboro’s alcohol laws are archaic and absurd and i thought they stemmed from a former or current commisioner or council member owning a liquor store right across the county line-is that still an accurate account?

  3. Rick Day says:

    according to Atlanta ordinances, one can establish ‘residency’ by staying in the same hotel room for 6 days.

    But that is not the point. The point is this….biddy-hen.

    I have to deal with biddy-hens in my business. They have nothing to do with my business, yet peck and peck and peck at little pebbles until they can find a bug under one and squawk to the other biddy-hens…well, you get the picture.

    One thing biddy-hens have in common: they cant stand the thought of people younger than them out having fun.

    Plop this biddy in the fryer. She’s cold meat.

  4. dorian says:

    You old fogies are really good at regurgitating other print articles. Look, I went to GSU undergrad, and I lived in a dorm part of the time. College life is not suffering, believe me. They have massive block parties where 75-80% of the apartments in a building open up and all manner of alcohol is consumed by (mostly) underage teenagers. This is like every weekend during football season. Of course, back then we had a team. If you don’t think GSU is a party school, drive through it on a Friday night.

  5. Skeptical says:

    As an alumni of Dead To Me University, I can honestly say that it has always been that way, no matter the issue.

    The citizens of the ‘Boro act like their town doesn’t depend on the school. Always have and probably always will…

  6. drjay says:

    my only experience in this matter is from va-in williamsburg you could not register to vote w/ w&m post office box–it had to be an actual address and the dorm did not count as a physical address–at least it was that way in 1990

  7. ToddD says:

    I think I must be taking crazy-pills because last night when I went to bed I was in Statesboro, Ga, USA. When I woke up I realized that I was in the middle of Nazi Germany circa 1940’s, with a GSU logo on my shirt serving as the Star of David on my chest, or better yet, in the middle of the town featured in the film, “Footloose” where all fun and common sense has been outlawed. Instead of taking the time to educate their own kids on the proper use of alcohol, the town of statesboro- in its infinite wisdom- decided to place alcohol in the “dirty little secret” file- effectively outlawing liquor sales by the package years back and thus propelling Statesboro back in time. As if it is not bad enough i have to drive 20 minutes to the next county to find a liquor store to buy from a Statesboro city official. there are also a couple of more rules you may not know about:
    For example:
    -no sunday sales of alcohol. “i guess NFL is more fun with H2O!”
    -any person is only able to order 1 alcoholic drink at a time- “so sorry sweetheart, you have to stand in line with me to get your own drink. any by the way, someone just got our table.”
    -any person purchasing alcohol must pay FULL price for drinks unless the establishment choses to provide happy hour strictly between the hours of 5p-7p. “Well, at least its better than when there was absolutely no drink specials at all. And hey- we got 2 whole hours, lets get smashed and then drive home!! great idea!!yay!”
    -do not park on your lawn. “well, i guess an all cement front yard would be really cool now that i think about it!”
    -you cannot purchase a drink for someone else. “i think i will buy that cute girl over there a drink.” think again, shes a cop. have fun in jail.
    -your car will be towed if it is in an improper location. Then you owe $135 to the tow company. This fine was just lowered to around $80. “so now it only feels like you are being screwed instead of raped. and by the way, most places aren’t marked, so have fun trying to figure out where you should park!”

    Sadly, i have only listed a few examples of the laws here in Statesboro. A town which logic waved “bye-bye” to, oh so long ago. It only makes sense that they would try to find a loophole and destroy any chance for change this town has with the voting of college students. But the need to realize that Statesboro would be Millen Jr without this college. We aren’t good enough to be part of the town, but our money is good enough for them to spend. , isn’t it? I wonder how much GSU dumps back into Statesboro every year?

    It is ridiculous how we are treated here. If only the current legislators would have been a little more moderate and acknowledge the school and throw us a bone, none of this would be happening. But its too late now. We are pissed and there is such a large gap between “us” and “them” that there is no going back. The student’s voice needs to be heard.

    And by the way, if you see Ms. Waters and that incumbent, could you tell them when they retrieve their heads from their lower-intestinal tract, what year it is and that they are tearing the very fibers that are the US Constitution? And oh yeah, tell them that its time for the rise of the proletariat- that is, if they have taken college classes and know what that means as opposed to just riding past the college with their blinders on and nose in the air.

    Thank You,
    Todd D
    Senior Georgia Southern University

    *sigh. i feel better now.

  8. eburke says:

    The Statesboro City Council may have awakened a sleeping giant. If the students all registered and voted the Council would have to recognize the impact that the University has on thier community. If other cities and counties tried to disenfranchise its part time residents the Justice Department would be on them very quickly.

  9. shep1975 says:

    No, it’s more like a Communist state.

    I only say that because people tend to throw around Nazi Germany a bit too much. My Austrian Jewish relatives ,who found their Star of David was literally a one way ticket to a Nazi death camp, probably would have wished all the Nazis did was prohibit them from buying alcohol on Sunday.

    It does sound like there are several good suits against the city, especially if you can show that the laws are being selectively enforced.

    Is it true that the Sheriff still owns the liquor store just over the county line?

  10. ToddD says:

    good point.
    and the last i heard, the Sheriff does still own the appropriately named “County Line Package Store”. i will do some digging around town and see what turns up

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