1. Tommy_a2b says:

    You all do realize this is a legislature vs Gov issue not just house vs Gov. I have personally spoken to a couple of Senators who are not real happy with the results. They supported Vance Smith completely. Also a couple of Senators and House members wanted to go outside of the inner circle and hire a pro with experience. I would bet that a couple a the DOT board members will really be swet’n their reappointments.

  2. JRM2016 says:


    If you are unhappy with a decision made by your elected officials, you should make that known. When my city councilman takes a position I disagree with, I let him know.

    That is all that is now happening with the DOT. Certain members of the DOT decided to cast votes at odds with the wishes of their electorate. Now they are reaping the consequences of that decision. I am sure Mr. Herrington and others that voted for the Governor’s hand picked choice did so out of great conviction and therefore will be unbowed as they are removed one by one by their electors who were unswervingly in favor of Vance Smith.

  3. Harry says:

    They don’t like the fact that she’s a Tech graduate, a female, and not very likely to play politics?

    That’s the way I perceive it.

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