Dan Lakly (R-Peachtree City), RIP

Dan Lakly, Representative of House District 72, which covers Peachtree City has passed away.

According to Sue Everhart


  1. Icarus says:

    Dan was a good man, and I considered him a friend. Dan was the proverbial workhorse that wasn’t a showhorse, and never backed down from what he thought was right because something else was more popular. He will be missed.

  2. rightbeforeleft says:

    Ditto to the above comments, particularly those of Icarus, a man who saw more than politics in government and more than a personally profitable future in his desire to serve. More State Reps like this man and less like the rest of the bunch would do us well. God Bless and my best wishes to Donna and his family.

  3. Rep Terry England says:

    I was fortunate enough to come in with Dan on his second tour of the House. He was a man of great intelligence and not afraid of a fight if he thought he was right.

    I will miss his friendship, bluntness, humor and outlook on life.

    My family has his wife and family in our prayers and we hope you all will do the same. The loss of a family member is never easy, but especially when it is this sudden.

    We will see you on the other side my friend.

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