A belated congratulations to my alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs, who fed the Gators a cocktail full of misery at yesterday’s edition of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Outside of a serious mistake by Matt Stafford that resulted in a Florida touchdown, and the rushed/botched field goal attempt that Brandon Coutu shanked as the play clock ran down (while Mark Richt was trying to call time out), the Dawgs played a great game against a very good Florida team whose QB was a bit bruised.

If the Dawgs played with that kind of intensity, and took those kinds of chances on offense, more often, they’d be a whole lot more fun to watch than they usually are. And how about that Knowshon Moreno, eh?


  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Glorious, glorious game.

    Knowshon: “My God, a freshman!!”

    Knowshon should share the game ball with our O-line, who stood remarkably firm. Knowshon’s biggest plays came to the left side. Why is that important? Because we have two FRESHMEN offensive linemen starting on the left side, the first time any team in the SEC has had two freshmen start on the O-line in quite some time.

    Hey Billy Simon: tell your techies they better be ready to play.

  2. Donkey Kong says:


    President Adams attempted to change the title to “The World’s Largest Outdoor Bingo Game” but the Florida alumni revolted out of the fear their cans of Budweiser would be confiscated. Georgia fans, however, consider such rules irrelevant as we have mastered the art of the Whiskey pouch with a retractable straw. No alcohol in football games? Pfffft. Regardless, girded with their jean-shorts and beer caps to disguise their swamp-stained mullets, Florida fans successfully forced Adams to retract the title of “The World’s Largest Outdoor Bingo Game,” but still couldn’t manage to bring back the title of yore. These fans retreated to their trailers in disappointment, forever lamenting to their cousin-now-wife on the “Good ‘Ol Days.” Every now and then in quiet display of reminiscence, women across gator nation find some lonely, secluded alleyway and urinate in public in tribute to what was once the world’s largest annual meeting of Class vs. Crass.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    DK, you’re right. Tennessee needs to lose at least one more, and UGA has to beat Auburn and Kentucky (something I don’t think is assured, but think is a lot more likely now than I did before seeing yesterday’s performance) for UGA to take the east, and earn the right to get beaten down by LSU (though, again, a performance like yesterday could make that quite a game).

  4. Jen says:

    Wherein I pull out the worst chant in all of college sports:

    I’m an oyster, I’m an oyster,
    I’m an oyster from Decatur,
    But I’d rather be an oyster,
    Than a god damn Florida Gator.

  5. Donkey Kong says:


    At least the heart of the chant is in the right place.


    Despite our short slump over the last few years, UGA still leads the overall record. The winners write the history books, so any attempt to record the history of this series other than my description above is PC pandering.

  6. ToddH says:


    UGA is second to Tennessee b/c both have only 2 SEC losses and Tenn. holds the tiebreaker b/c they beat UGA.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    So, why is it set in stone that this game is ALWAYS played in Florida? You Dawgs didn’t build a big enough stadium with state funds the last time you expanded Sanford?

  8. Carpe Forem says:

    DK and Jeff,

    I believe you are mistaken in that UGA is currently #1 in the east by 1/2 game. Tenn still has 3 SEC games to play, UGA has 2. You are right that Tenn will need to loose one more than UGA for UGA to go to the SEC Championship instead of Tenn. Go Vandy and Arkansas… and Kentucky after the Dawgs win.

  9. Holly says:


    I probably phrased that badly. The point that I meant to make was “I can’t believe Tennessee isn’t ranked.” Sorry!

  10. Donkey Kong says:

    Hey Bill,

    Let’s see:
    Bobby Dodd: Capacity–55,000 (Can you guys even sell this many tickets???)
    Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville): Capacity–84,000
    Ben Hill Griffin (UF): Capacity–88,548
    Sanford Staduim: Capacity–92,746

  11. Bill,

    You bring up a good point regarding the decision to hold the game every year in Jacksonville. I’d love to read about all the political manuevering that took place for that to happen. I guess they consider that true “neutral” territory because both states get a boatload of economic activity on the border — Florida with Jax, Georgia with St. Simon’s.

    I say, starting next year, we move it to Mableton.

  12. Donkey Kong says:

    Jacksonville is certainly not neutral, but unfortunately its the closest thing. Tallahassee would be much more neutral, but I doubt we could get Florida to play in Doak Campbell.

  13. Jen says:

    Lee Corso is fond of reminding people that the game is in Jacksonville, FLORIDA, not Jacksonville, Georgia.. but for those who actually been in the stadium, it is a neutral site. Half is red and black, half is orange and blue.

  14. Donkey Kong says:


    The stadium is neutral. But Jacksonville isn’t. The city’s residents are huge Florida fans. And yes, I’ve been.

  15. I’ve been, too, and as a Georgia grad who was stuck riding a school bus to the game that my high school buddy — who is die-hard Florida — converted into a GatorMobile, I can attest that I’ll never be heading back. I’ve never been pelted with more things and received more confused stares in my life than that day.

    Jacksonville is uber-UF fanland.

  16. Jen says:


    This was my 10th year going (only missed 1 of the last 11) and in those years, I’ve never had anything thrown at me nor has anyone yelled at me and tried to pick a fight.

    I’d say your experience has more to do with the fact that you rode a GatorMobile down with some douchebags than anything that’s inherent about the game atmosphere.

  17. Jen,

    I won’t disagree with you on the fact that the guys were d-bags. Anyone who screams “Georgia Dawgs lick Gator’s bawls” ad nauseaum should be rightly tagged as a cretin. But the overall atmosphere was pretty nasty. Especially after Florida won.

    Next time I go I’m hiding behind you so I don’t get pelted with half-cooked steaks.

    And in a delicious twist of events: The GatorMobile died last year. I think my buddy left it on the side of the road somewhere.

  18. Jmac says:

    I remember some older Florida fan, wearing classic blue-and-orange zebra pants, trying to fight a Georgia fan, probably a high school student, who was walking with his dad following the Bulldogs’ 37-17 win in 1997. It was totally unprovoked and included him hollering ‘I’ll wipe that smirk off your face boy!’

    Of course, the high school kid was probably 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds and just laughed at the guy, causing his dad to laugh as well, which prompted the older Florida fan’s wife to latch on to him to prevent him for jumping into a ferocious beatdown.

    It was awesome. You stay classy Gainesville.

  19. shep1975 says:

    I found this rather enlightened commentary by a Gator fan regarding Saturday’s game. There is a profanity warning I have to give. Don’t read if you have sensative eyes! http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/?p=4073

    On another note, if Kentucky can beat LSU, so could we…provided we beat Auburn and Kentucky and Tennessee loses one more! Of course we are playing Auburn in Athens. Not a good sign.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    So, are you guys telling me that in the football policy world of Georgia, Florida, and the SEC, why, again, can the UGA-FL game not alternate every year from home field to home field…like damn near every OTHER game in the conference?

  21. Bill,

    I’ve had different opinions on why that’s the case (re: the neutral land of Jacksonville), ranging from concerns about students driving long distances to get to the games to the city’s infrastructure and ability to handle the massive turnout of fans. But they’re opinions. That’s why I’d love it if anyone knows of some good articles about the decision to post them.

  22. Ben Marshall says:


    The game has been played in Jax since the 1930’s. That’s why its there, and will stay there. Its called tradition, something Tech had before it left the SEC.

  23. Donkey Kong says:


    I know that the intensity of the rivalries in the SEC are difficult for ACC folks to understand (I mean, honestly, who can get all excited about GT-NC State???). Let’s just say there would be widespread property damage inflicted on the campuses by the away fans.

    According to College Prowler, UGA girls are rated A+ vs. UF girls just an A.


    Athens was also ranked higher as just overall better college sports town, ranked #2 by SI:

  24. Jen says:


    I’m not one to talk about tradition much, but the game has been held in Jax every year since 1933 (’94, ’95 were exceptions because of the stadium). There’s a question as to whether the 1912 game (their second meeting) was held there.

    Georgia still has a 46-37-2 advantage in the overall contest (it’s just the last 17 years that have sucked), so all this “It’s not a neutral site!!” whining is just that, whining.

    Would you rather go to Athens, like every other weekend, or would you rather take off a few days and head down to the beach (be it St. Simons or Fernandino)?

    It also provides a great opportunity for those fans who live in South Georgia. Athens is 5-6 hours for a lot of folks..

  25. Holly says:

    I know that the intensity of the rivalries in the SEC are difficult for ACC folks to understand (I mean, honestly, who can get all excited about GT-NC State???).

    I dunno. . . Give Clemson and GT a few more years, and I think they’ll be right up there.

    I notice it’s the big week for Florida State, Rugby. Are your guys ready?

  26. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Bill, there’s sometimes a different way of handling “Rivalry Games.” Oklahoma-Texas has been held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX since the ’30s as well — the site is one mile shy of being exactly halfway between Austin, TX and Norman, OK. The game is always in Texas, never in Oklahoma, but, then again, there are far more Texas players on OU than there are Florida players on UGA.

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Hm. Thanks, Jeff. It just looks like the state of Florida can dictate so much about what the state of Georgia does, whether it’s where a college football game is played, or how much water to send downstream. 🙂

  28. Donkey Kong says:


    Deep down I have an appreciation for Bill’s comments (non-UGA related). But the only reason the other Dawgs on this site aren’t as vocal against his rants on UGA are because we beat his techies every year as if they were a bunch of high school kids. All it’ll take is a few losses to Tech (which, admittedly, may never happen) and all the Dawgs on this site will be all over him like a cheap suit.

    Rugby, I grew up a ‘Nole and will be pulling hard this weekend.

  29. Donkey Kong says:

    Also, the Dawgs partied so hard in Athens some kid actually broke the storied bell on the back of the Chapel. The bell swung down into the platform below it and wood came crashing down. Somehow the bell managed to stay hanging on, but it was lowered by UGA mechanics today. They said to expect it to be out of order for this weekend’s game against Troy. Apparently they have to order a new bell from Connecticut.

  30. Jace Walden says:

    If what I am about to say comes back to bite me in the ass, then I fully expect someone to call me on it and make fun of me endlessly, but:

    Georgia Tech has no chance of beating UGA this year. I predict the greatest of beatdowns in the long history of beat downs. Georgia Tech will lose by at least 14 points.

    Also, UGA will defeat Troy, Auburn, and Kentucky. No team stands a chance of beating the Bulldogs for the rest of the year.

    In the words of Patton, “we will go through them that crap through a goose.” Bring on LSU! Bring them on. They’ll be another victim of UGA dominance!

    Go Dawgs!

  31. Bill Simon says:

    But…Jace (and DK), the daily lives of Georgia Tech graduates DO NOT revolve around whether or not our football team wins a game. The same cannot be said for you clowns who have nothing else to live for other than the annual fall football season.

  32. Donkey Kong says:

    Shoot, Bill, the daily lives of GT grads are bad enough as it is. If the daily lives of GT grads DID revolve around whether your football team wins a game, what would be the point in life??? 😉

    And hey, I can’t say the same for all UGA folks, but I was up in NYC being very productive and didn’t arrive back home until 3AM Fri night/Sat morning, giving me enough time to sleep a bit and make it out to Jeff’s to watch the game. Sure, my self worth would be less had UGA lost the game (and, more importantly, my net worth), but that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

  33. DoubleDawg3 says:

    A Few thoughts…

    First, The reason, as far as I’ve always known, that UGA vs. UF is and has been held in Jacksonville was mentioned earlier…the fact that for those UGA grads/fans in south Georgia, Jacksonville is a much closer drive than Athens. Although I do agree with the earlier post that Tallahassee would be a better choice, but then again its not near the beach, so it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

    Second, as for the proposed UGA “beat down” of GA Tech later this season, it’ll be tough to top the 2002 drubbing “Between the Hedges” – 51-7 if I recall correctly (and I’m pretty sure I do!)

    Finally, I thought the photo posted above was appropriate…notice that the UGA players were dumping POWERADE on Coach Richt…none of that weak, watered down “Gatorade” on our sideline!

  34. Dawgfan says:

    All I can say is “GO DAWGS!” Man, was it sweet to beat the Gators. I feel like we’ve wiped the slate clean. It’s like 15-2 has no meaning anymore.

    And technically we do lead the SEC East but it’s only because we have one more conference game than UT. Next week when UT plays Arkansas and we play Troy assuming they win they will then take the lead in the East.

  35. rugby_fan says:

    Oh I think FSU is ready, but I can’t go against the Pope.

    Quite a dilemma I am in, and part of the reason I didn’t want Boston College to join the ACC.

  36. TPSoCal says:

    It’s been a tough year. Well, I guess I can accept a third defeat to UGA since 1990. We’ll be back!

    GO GATORS!!!!!!

  37. TPSoCal says:

    Actually Jen, Gator football really didn’t start until 1990 when Spurrier arrived. I was in grad school at UF his first year. UF used to lose to UGA all the time prior to that. We beat UGA 38-7 that year. It was truly the beginning.

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