1. SpaceyG says:

    He took Jeff Justice’s comedy writing workshoppes, where graduation is a gig at the Punchline. As a Level II grad, these classes are invaluable in honing an array of public speaking and writing skills, and building genuine personal confidence, in any area of your life, not just for working up a stand-up comedy routine. I highly recommend Jeff’s comedy classes for fun, comraderie, adventure, and all around personal enlightenment.

    It’s really irrelevant whether you’re “good” or “bad” on graduation night; you’ll come off that stage a different person with an entirely different approach to life. Jeff is not just a comedy coach; he’s also a life coach for the curious, the unsentimental, and those who want just a little more out of life than the usual so-so existence.

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    Spacey is right, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in public speaking or who just wants to have a good time.

    It’s the second Jeff Justice course I’ve taken and out of the 18 classmates there were probably 5 who wanted to try and go further with their comedy acts. The rest were people like me who need to stay focused on their day jobs.

    You’ll meet some interesting and fun people. Lets’ face it – a class full of folks willing to get onstage at the Punchline isn’t going to have many boring moments.

    My goal is come up with some really great utility ratemaking jokes.

  3. ChuckEaton says:


    If I were to share any ratemaking jokes with the Peach Pundit community it would more than likely get me banned.

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