1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Maybe Johnson can get a bunch of his fellow neo-kkons lynchmobbers together and handle that young Mr. Wilson the old fashioned way when he’s released…

    (Spacegirl, there’s a great book called Radio Free Dixie, about Robert F. Williams, a great largely unsung hero of the civil rights movement. The author, Tim Tyson, recounts a true story of 2 black kids (boys 9 and 11) from NC that were jailed over 6 months for playing spin the bottle with some white girls.)

  2. MSBassSinger says:

    Are all our Republicans in leadership a bunch of stupid RINOs?

    The claim that “hundreds of sexual predators” will be let loose is an outright lie. First of all, there are only 25 sexual predators living in Georgia (plus one absconder) that are not in prison. How do you get “hundreds” from 25? Second, of the 12 that are incarcerated, none are in prison for consentual sex as a teenager, as Wilson was. Thus, that means exactly zero additional people will be released based on Wilson’s case.

    Of the 12,000+ non-predator people on the violent sex offender registry, the majority are not violent sex offenders and the state has ample evidence that they are not pedophiles.

    The Violent Sex Offender registry was designed to make public only those who were convicted of sexual offenses and pose a reasonabel potential to reoffend. That would be about 1% of those on the registry.

    If the Georgia Republican party were run by smart, consistent conservatives, this Wilson case would have been handled sooner, more quietly, and with no involvement from the professional race pimps like Sharpton.

    If the Georgia Republican party were run by smart, consistent conservatives, HB1059 would have been passed for only Level II and III sex offenders whose crime occurred on or after the date it became law, and retroactive only for the 38 or so predators that already existed. Then there would have been no basis for the court case now in federal court. That is what law enforcement origianlly asked for.

    As another example of “stupid RINO tricks”, now they are investigating the judge for the Nichols case. I suppose if they investigated why the State is not properly funding the public defenders office, they would be indicting themselves.

    It is time to stop having RINOs without backbones jumping to every ignorant notion that hysterical soccer moms come up with. That is what drives the idiocy behind HB1059, and the inane decision to investigate the judge instead of fulfilling the state’s legal obligation to provide public defenders funds.

    I am all for being hard on crime, but that means using our brains and focusing on the worst crimes first instead of allowing DAs to pursue lesser crimes, to the exclusion of worse crime, just to pad their conviction rates.

  3. Harry says:


    Why are you giving Sen. Johnson such a hard time regarding his intellect? Whenever I heard him speak he presented himself very well. Perhaps paleocons like me are incapable to detect true smarts.

  4. Harry says:


    Regarding the cost of Nichols’ defense, I agree the judge needs to be investigated for allowing $2 million be spent to defend someone who I will already pronounce guilty. I guarantee you they wouldn’t spend that much to defend you or me. Why does Nichols need a grandstanding, top-dollar defense?

  5. GodHatesTrash says:

    Lynchmobbers, losers, rednecks, lend me your ears. I come here not to bury Mr. Wilson, or praise him either.

    But in the land of lynchmobber, it is difficult for the unwashed and uneducated to see that 10 years in prison for a minor having consensual sex with another minor is cruel and unusual punishment, but alas, dear rednecks, it is…

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Because, rather than ACT like a leader, he’d rather spend his moments in the public sun demonstrating his ability to scream in the most childish, hysterical, “doom-and-gloom” manner he thinks he needs to.

    As far as “true smarts” go, Harry, it is not necessarily a matter of “smarts,” but a matter of emotional intelligence and maturity. I expect our elected leaders to demonstrate thoughtfulness on issues, rather than hysterical ninny-bob expulsions.

    But, I understand if others don’t see it that way. It’s a LOT easier to blast things out in an emotional, hysterical manner rather than issue statements that truly educate people on the issue.

  7. Clint Austin says:


    I have no intention of weighing in on Genarlow Wilson, as I am personally not educated enough on the issue to hold an opinion.

    However, the racial low blows on Johnson need to stop. No person, no matter how much you disagree with them, should ever be compared to a lyncher. Ever.

    Erick – respectfully suggest you rein this thread in.


  8. ondichliberty88 says:

    I wish southerners would quit calling themselves Confederates. Reminder: The South lost the civil war. my great relatives fought to preserve the United States from Southern Successionism and Slavery in the civil war. I am also a great great grand cousin of UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill who fought to preserve the whole western world from Nazism and The Holocaust.

  9. MSBassSinger says:


    While your post isn’t exactly on point, your history is even worse.

    Yes, the South lost the War of Northern Aggression. The war was not fought to eliminate slavery. It was fought to preserve the Constitution as the founders wrote it (the South) or to abrogate the Constitution’s limitations on federal power (the North). When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he made sure it freed no slaves. Slaves in the northern states were not freed until after the war, and the Union army made a practice of taking Southern slaves as their own slaves during the war. The Emancipation Proclamation led to riots in NYC because they did not want conscription to fight against slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation led to mass desertions in the North because they were not going to fight and die to end slavery. The hatred of many Northerners for blacks was as bad or worse than in the South.

    The war was fought because the North taxed the South heavily and spent the money up North. When states began to discuss secession, as New England had a few decades earlier, Lincoln ignored the Constitution and prepared to send federal troops against private citizens.

    Had the Northern legislators been willing to end slavery as the European nations had, the awful and sinful practice of slavery would have been over before the war, and slaves would have been assimilated properly as they were in Europe.

    The Southerners who fought, including a few black southerner volunteers, fought to protect their homes from the armed invasion of the North. Most were not slave owners. Some blacks in the South were free before the war, and some free blacks owned and sold slaves. It is not as “North good, South bad” as you appear to believe.

    While Churchill clearly understood the danger of Naziism, there is little evidence he cared much about the Holocaust, or could have done much to stop it. It took the US, with a disproportionately large number of Southerners, who took the fight to Germany and Japan, and won the war. Even today, Southerners make up a larger percentage of the armed forces than in the general population. As Ann Coulter once pointed out, the American warrior tradition, as a part of the culture, is alive today only in the South.

    I am proud of my Confederate ancestors and history. I was proud to serve in the US Navy, and my father, brother, and gradnfather served in other branches before me. The South has its failures no less than the North’s history of slavery and abuse of minorities that continued even after the war. Jews, Irish, blacks, Chinese, and others were routinely discriminated against in the “Union” before and after the war.

    Given how badly Yankees screwed up their states, and now come down here trying to screw ours up, I don’t know I’d be too awful proud to be a Yankee.

    For you who are Yankees and still think like them, please – enjoy our BBQ, our weather, even marry our women. But when you get the urge to tell us how you did it up North, please stick a BBQ rib in your mouth and be silent. We’ll all be better off.

  10. ondichliberty88 says:

    Do not tell about me the South. I know if the South was a seperate nation during WWII the South probably would of aligned themselves with Nazi Germany and Japan. Winston Churchill is a legend and would have never did that. He did care with the rest of world when found about the attrocities at Auschwitz and Buchenwald etc. How can enslaved African – Americans voluntarily fight for the south?. There is no such thing as this BBQ Southern Hospitality rhetoric. Also telling people to shut up in a nice way, not a new trick in the book.

  11. Clint Austin says:


    I shall not linger long, as I actually have a life and will be watching a movie with the wife.

    But before I go, I will remind you of two things:

    1. Supporting the old Georgia flag does not make one guilty of lynching a member of another race.

    2. If it does, the lynch mob includes your old boss Roy and his LG Taylor, who both fervently supported the old flag in their previous campaigns.

    Just a small historical note to wrap up the evening…


    p.s. Erick – I still suggest you clean up this thread. Calling a man a lyncher is outsides the bounds of political discourse, even for Bobby… I think…

  12. Bobby Kahn says:

    Watching Mississippi Burning?

    Clint, I don’t understand your comments. All I did was post a link to a picture. And, I said, “Clint is right.” A little defensive?

  13. SpaceyG says:

    Sorry Erick, no one’s on very good behavior here tonight. I’ll delete the whole thread if you want. Peach Smacks all around for you boys. The lynching stuff is ridiculous. Then again, so is this whole blog, but that’s another post altogether.

  14. dorian says:

    From an observational standpoint Spacey, you start these little fires and trash follows you around the internet like your own personal, twisted, little troll. She’s done it enough that you ought to know she is going to do it, and while you certainly can’t control another person – you certainly ought to be able to predict what will happen. You know this site and the audience it caters to. If you don’t like it, move on. Go somewhere else, and take her with you. You provoke for the sake of provoking. Just like she is cruel for the sake of being cruel. Yes, you are clever. Try using it to build bridges instead of burning them.

  15. GodHatesTrash says:

    Great picture…

    The Terrible Truth About Southern KKKonservatives – the sons and daughters of Klan trash, and the apple don’t fall far from the tree…

  16. ondichliberty88 says:

    Bobby Kahn is getting out hand with lynching comments for a guy who was the chairmen of DPG and had to represent candidates on campaign trail. I am glad Jane Kidd is now the DPG Chairmen. Some stories on Kahn was that he was a poor party chairmen.

  17. Chris says:


    I’d have to say you deserve some of the blame for posting Sugg’s ridiculous comments in the first place.

    I disagree w/ Senator Johnson’s take on this matter, and I’m glad to see the court step in to give this young man justice.

    But just because the Senator doesn’t think its good public policy to be forced to revisit a number of cases similar to Wilson (I also disagree), that doesn’t make him a racist, or “long for the days of white sheets and all-white juries.”

  18. ondichliberty88 says:

    MS Bass Singer,
    I’d rather have a Attorney General who is attuned to law changes like Thurbert Baker. I am glad Genarlow Wilson is a freeman. This whole case was about playing southern moral high horse. State Senator Johnson thought he was going to make a example of Genarlow Wilson for his own political social view. I think Thurbert Baker is the best Attorney General this state has ever had.

  19. ondichliberty88 says:

    Bobby Kahn, SpaceyG
    In Senator Johnson’s case it about his social views, not racism. You can have a disagreement with a State Senator like I do that’s the American way, saying Senator Johnson longs for White Sheets, All-White Juries or Swastikas over Berlin is more insults and does help presuade people to your view.

  20. SpaceyG says:

    Actually, I changed my mind. I’m glad I posted it. Just goes to prove what one person thinks is mildly humorous is another person’s jumping-off point. I have no intention of deleting this, and you can pile on whatever “blame” to make you feel even more righteous and balanced, Chris. You remind me of a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Sanctioned by, like, the guidance counselor or something. Yawn.

  21. GodHatesTrash says:

    Lynchmobbing demagogues have always been important figures in Georgia politics.

    Tom Watson, who whipped up the redneck sentiment against Leo Frank that lead to his lynching has a big statue right in front of the capitol steps. Gene Talmadge, who w-hored for the Klan and other white soopremacissy groups, has a larger-than-life statue on the capitol grounds. Lester Maddox was a two-bit sammich flipper that rode his bigotry and axe-handle waving to the Georgia goobernorship.

    Now Senator Johnson wants to be the next in the tradition – 10 years in jail for consensual sodomy is fine, especially if you’re a black kid.

    Senator Johnson has figgered it out : the best way to get redneck trash to vote for you?

    Act like them.

  22. dorian says:

    neo-kkons lynchmobbers, whiny little b!tch, stupid RINOs, having enough brains, losers, rednecks, KKKonservatives.

    Spacey you are a hypocrite.

    That is the position that you are advocating we have a sense of humor about and laugh off? I know you can read, so you ought to be able to see that it is your fandom that did the name calling here. Another example of why it is impossible to have an actual debate on the issues with liberals. Throwing insults is all you got. You can’t stick with the issues, because you have no real point. Just like what happened at Emory. You have to name call and shout the rest of us down all the while pretending to take the moral high ground. Well, here’s an insult for you. You’re full of sh!t.

  23. GodHatesTrash says:

    I have identified the only issue – a rabblerouser appeals to the rabble, a kid ends up with cruel and unusual punishment.

    The crowd wants blood, Senator Johnson wants badly to give it to them.

    Listen, people have been trying to talk reason and mercy to lynchmobbers for centuries. Doesn’t work. Demagogues don’t stop until someone else stops them, or they get shamed into stopping.

    Face it – the moral high ground is where I am standing, not the Senator.

    I’m not advocating you laugh this off. A kid spent almost 2 years behind bars because a bunch of hypocrites wanted to make the rabble happy. That’s an outrage.

  24. MSBassSinger says:

    I disagree with Senator Johnson. He is wrong, and exhibiting yet another “stupid RINO trick”. But his motives do not appear to be racist.

    Genarlow Wilson got 10 years as a result of sex laws that are created to satisfy hysterical soccer moms and the husbands they whip. These hysterical soccer moms have listened to Oprah, Dr. Phil, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the various local news stations that demagoged the issue of Internet predators. They were so gullible that they were brainwashed into thinking there is a child molester behind every tree and bush. Which fits in nicely with the radical feminist belief that all men are predators. So, to please this hysterical soccer mom voting block, they pass stupid laws that do not protect children, but have the opposite effect. Add to that ambitious DAs and ADAs that see a fast track to a better future by prosecuting everyone they can under these laws. They know the hysteria will cause juries to vote guilty regardless of the actual facts. They know some in law enforcement will cooperate because Internet sex stings are not dangerous, and will fast track their careers. Along comes someone like Genarlow Wilson, and you have an easy prosecution so some DA can improve his conviction rate.

    When that was not enough to satiate the hysterical soccer moms, they come up with even more stupid laws like HB1059, and ignore that it led to the death of an innocent child in Brunswick, or wrecked havoc in the lives of thousands of innocent spouses and children of sex offenders in Georgia who presented no danger to anyone.

    What Sen. Johnson, Rep. Jerry Keen, and other RINO legislators who give us such stupid laws are may be greedy, power-hungry, or just stupid, but it is not racist.

    Genarlow Wilson wasn’t convicted for being black, he was convicted because of ineffective sex offender laws that don’t work, don’t protect kids, and benefit only the DAs and ADAs that misuse them for their own benefit. There are a lot of people on the sex offender registry who did nothing any more wrong than Wilson, did not harm any children, but are on the registry today and for the rest of their lives. And that, too, is as excessive a punishment as Wilson received and knows no color.

    There are ways to frame the sex laws that make sense, and don’t entrap people like Wilson. If only we had real conservatives in the Georgia Republican Party leadership instead of RINOs.

    I would love to see a list of the Georgia Republican Party leadership, including those in the state legislature, who were formerly Democrats, and those who were not born and raised in the Georgia. I think you will find most of the RINOs would be in that group. I could be wrong, but I’d like to see evidence of it.

  25. GodHatesTrash says:

    A question: I understand there were two teenagers that 17 year-old Wilson had sex with. I understand that the 15 year-old that he had sodomy with was black.

    But he also was acquitted on raping the other girl. I understand she was 17. Is this true? Does anyone know her race?

  26. StevePerkins says:

    Sugg is an absolute moron… a bush-league Ann Coulter of the Atlanta-area far-left. His articles are just a collection of toilet humor and personal insults toward local politicians. When he occasionally does actually talk substance or make a policy suggestion, it’s always some nonsensical half-baked mush. I remember a month or two ago he arguing for legislation preventing lenders from foreclosing on mortgages in Georgia. Brilliant idea… except that those of us who ARE responsible fixed-rate borrowers would end up paying 20+% on our mortgage loans to pick up the slack (assuming any lenders would continue to do business in Georgia at all).

    I welcome the ends (if not the means) in Wilson being set free, and have no doubt that it wouldn’t have come to a judicial action had Wilson been a white boy. Even so, c’mon Spacey… John Sugg is a hack, an entertainer rather than a pundit of any substance, and it comes across like “Hannitized” silliness for you to sing the guy’s praises in general.

  27. MSBassSinger says:

    Before anyone gets too far into the racist mythology in Wilson’s case, keep in mind that this same Supreme Court ruled just the opposite in the Joshua Widner case.

    He was 18, the girl was 14, and they had oral sex and intercourse. Two teens involved in consentual sex, arrested and convicted under the same law as Wilson.

    There are two differences here. The teen boy was 18, not 17, and considered by the law as an adult. And both were white.

    So, the Court releases the black teen, but not the white teen in very similar circumstances. Doesn’t sound like the basis for a racism charge to me.

  28. Bill Simon says:

    Not only that, Singer, but if anyone bothers to check the stats of child molestors locked-up in this state, the “whites” far outnumber the “blacks” when it comes to committing that type of crime.

  29. ondichliberty88 says:

    The only thing I agree with Bobby Kahn in this senario is I would just like to see the Georgia Republican Party lose control of the state legislature and governor’s mansion altogether. I wish Georgia had a strong centrist third party that had ballot access and held primaries.

  30. dorian says:

    The answer to your question Trash is that the 17 year old was african american as well. She was very nearly passed out drunk. There were a number of codefendants which were also acquitted of raping her as well. They were having group sex with her whilst memorializing it on tape. Putting the race issue aside, maybe the real lesson here is not to record yourself having sex with drunken, underage girls.

  31. DMZDave says:

    It is a travesty of history to use the term KKK and the Republican Party in the same sentence. Let’s be historically accurate and recall that the KKK was indeed the military arm of the Democratic Party. In 1864, the Democratic Party called for the immediate end to hostilities (the Civil War) and a return to the status quo ante (slavery) but they also included a plank supporting the troops. Sound familiar?

    Genarlow Wilson should never have been sentenced to 10 years for acting presidential but I remain offended by the notion of people at the state capitol viewing videos of a 15 year old having sex. I suspect the reason this has not become a bigger issue is because there are so many on both sides of the aisle guilty of viewing the tape. It is clear the DA made multiple copies of the tape available to any legislator who expressed an interest so he obviously did not see the young 15 year old as a victim. She has apparently joined the Navy and is, therefore, the only person involved who has behaved with dignity and honor.

  32. dingleberry says:

    Why are we even discussing which party supports the KKK?

    Why not look at the individuals within the party.

    It is clear that both the Republicsum and the Dumbocrats have their share of racists. For instance, Cynthia McKinney, Robert Byrd and Eric Johnson and MSBassSinger.

  33. rugby_fan says:


    I’ve often felt that argument is valid but I am yet to hear an explanation why those conservative Democrats then flocked to an open-armed GOP.

    When even the Wallace family now swears allegiance to the Republican Party, there are signs of a definite change, no?

  34. GodHatesTrash says:

    DMZDave, you ignorant redneck you.

    If’n you’d ever cracked a history book (instead of getting all your info from rant radio), you’d have heard of the GOP’s Southern Strategery and the realignment of the political parties that occurred when the national Democratic Party started to support civil rights for blacks and the rights of poor people.

    When Harry Truman desegregated the Army in 1947, Strom (the Miscegenationist Segregationist) Thurmond and other southron white trash formed the Dickseacrats in 1948 and received millions of white trash votes in the south, including electoral votes. In 1960, another segregationist peckerwood, Harry Byrd (no, moron, not Robert Byrd) a southern Democrat from Virginia, bolted the national party and received several electoral college votes.

    In 1964, southern white racists (folks like your pappies and grandpappies) voted for Barry Goldwater, because Goldwater came out against the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. I’m sure some of you are too ignorant to have ever heard of Goldwater, but he was GOP…

    Of course, they probably would have continued to vote GOP, except George Wallace came along. A consummate bigot, Wallace was the darling of the southern white trash element. In 1968 he won 45 electoral votes – all in Dicksea.

    In 1972, Nixon and Agnew took the south. Since then, NO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT HAS WON THE MAJORITY OF THE WHITE VOTE IN ANY STATE OF THE OLD CSA. Even Clinton and Carter were unable to win the majority of the white vote in their home states (it was their success with black voters that won them their home state’s electoral votes).

    So, DMZDave, you see, racist rednecks have been voting against the national Democratic Party for the last 14 elections, and have voted FOR the GOP in every election since 1960, except in 1968, when they voted for garbage like George Wallace.

    By the way, you’re perfect for the GOP.

  35. MSBassSinger says:


    How in the world do you come up with such nonsense as me being a racist? Do you really know what a racist is? Can you quote something I wrote that is clearly racist?

    I don’t know which is more of an insult – being falsely accsed of being a racist, or being lumped in with the likes of Cynthia McKinney, Robert Byrd and Eric Johnson.

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