1. JDP says:

    Hilarious this is even being polled. Cleland will not get in and if he did he would be swamped.

    Chambliss will easily earn another 6.

  2. ToddH says:

    I seriously doubt that Chambliss would just roll over Cleland. In a very pro Republican, pro war election in 2002 Chambliss didn’t roll over Cleland, though it was a significant win. 2008 is not 2002, the Iraq War has begun to sour and many of those candidates who won big in 2002 are now beginning to feel the heat. Chambliss, against a good opponent, would feel the same heat. Cleland would also be a well funded challenger and could compete financially with Chambliss. It would be close and could go either way.

  3. Dave says:

    Cleland ought to get in just to try and get even. Chambliss would win but the race would be interesting.

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