1. StevePerkins says:

    Not only has Paul not been sworn in to Congress yet, but thought I heard something about Paul being banned from RedState altogether. This is so confusing…

  2. Rick A. says:

    I was there for Congressman Broun’s swearing in ceremony in July. He’s definately sworn in…as is everybody else that casts a vote in Congress.

  3. ToddH says:

    “Congressman” Broun wants to revoke Spitzer’s license to legislate. Does anyone have any proof that Spitzer has been issued his legislation license yet?

  4. rugby_fan says:

    You know I thought the meme had died until Erick posted it on the front page.

    Icarus hasn’t been seen for a while and that helped lead to its decline.

    Which I have to say worries me. I mean, he was one of the leaders monitoring the conspiracy to keep Broun out of congress and he just disappears…

    Ergo, I too, might be in danger (my detractors, which there are many of, can only hope this is the case).

  5. ondichliberty88 says:

    Red State is not even a good blog community site because it is so neo-con it won’t allow other opinions other than what comes out of Bush’s or Rush Limbaugh’s mouth. Ban groups of people who want to participte who does not fit the blog management’s mold of political views 100% of time is one way for Red State to shoot themselves in the foot.

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