1. Bill Simon says:

    When one have no answer for why one had several chances to address the immediate problem at hand in past years, or, even just this past summer, and simply chose to ignore it, one tends to be very capable at finding other straw men (and states) to blamed for the problem of one’s own doing.

    Does he believe it? Sure he does! It’s the only way to deal with a problem caused by one’s unmitigated depth of ignorance.

  2. Bobby Kahn says:

    What happened to Sonny sitting down with his GOP pals, including the one in the White House, and working this out? Now, when he’s not threatening or suing his friends, he’s ridiculing them. Welcome to the New Georgia.

    Difficult as this is for me to admit, in the past, Sen. Eric Johnson has actually made sense on water issues. Lucid interval, I suppose. In any event, is Sonny listening to him?

  3. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t think he sincerely believes that Alabama has a MALICIOUS desire to see Georgia run out of water. I just think he’s frantically trying to deflect blame toward other parties (the Feds, other states, mussels, etc)… to prevent the Georgia government itself getting blamed for not having a serious water plan. It’s only becomes silly if people buy into it.

  4. cheapseats says:

    doesn’t anyone in Atlanta realize that Lake Lanier does not belong to the state of Georgia? It was built with federal money and belongs to the feds.

    In other words, Atlanta does not OWN any water source other than the ‘Hooch and I’m not even sure about that one.

    Tell me how that is anybody’s problem other than Atlanta’s and Georgia’s. Personally, I’m tired of having to always wipe Atlanta’s butt when they overbuild and whine about needing all the DOT money and, now, all the water.

    Grift: at least Athens and the surrounding counties actually OWN their own resevoir.

  5. GodHatesTrash says:

    You know what, all those silly peckerwoods are right.

    Sonny lied.

    Sonny loves to lie. For him, it beats doing an honest day’s work.

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