Snellville Mayor’s race: A Correction

The Garraway campaign has informed me my post on the Snellville Mayor’s race contained an error.

The Garraway camp says they never accused Mayor Oberholtzer of voting against the Child Protection Act which describes the distance sex offenders can live from schools, day care centers etc… Garraway accused Oberholtzer of voting against the proposal to dedicate red light camera ticket revenues to the police department. I haven’t contacted Oberholtzer’s folks for response on this, but they are free to post any response in the comment section below.

The Garraway camp also provided me with information to back up their responses to Oberholtzer’s mail pieces. I don’t see the need to post all of that simply because it doesn’t change the fact that the two campaigns have gone back and forth on those issues. The voters will decide who is right and who is wrong. I will say that one of Garraway’s major critics in this campaign, Joe Anderson (a former Snellville Councilman), does indeed live outside the city limits of Snellville, which to some in Snellville will cast a negative light on his motives for getting involved in the Mayor’s race.

So the folks in Snellville won’t feel so bad about their crazy political scene, here’s an article about complaints being filed just up the road in Suwanee. Two people are accusing outgoing Mayor Nick Masino of messing with their campaigns.

Tom McConnell alleges that Mayor Nick Masino is interfering with his opportunity to fairly campaign and has made “public personal attacks” on him.

McConnell filed the complaint on Friday afternoon. A committee, consisting of council members Jace Brooks, Dan Foster, Kevin McOmber and city attorney Gregory Jay, will meet to discuss the complaint.

They can decide that the complaint is warranted, that it is frivolous or that they need more information before making a decision. The committee will determine whether to send the complaint on to the city’s ethics board, a 12-member group of city residents.

City Council candidate Andy Duncan, who lost the election to Kevin McOmber, also filed an ethics complaint against Masino. He alleges the mayor used Suwanee Day as a means to campaign for Dave Williams, who is opposing McConnell in the mayor’s race.

A second committee, appointed by Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Burnette, is expected to consider Duncan’s complaint on Friday.

UPDATE: Masino cleared of McConnell’s allegations.


  1. Mark Rountree says:

    Can Tom McConnell ever say anyting positive? Maybe that’s the current liberal Democrat approach — smear first, ask questions later.

    Mayor Nick Masino has done an excellent job for the city of Suwanee, putting it on the map nationally.

    For those who don’t know, Masino led the city for the past few years, and the results say a lot: it was named this year as a “TOP TEN Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine.

    Tom McConnell is simply a partisan liberal hack, and HIS record was that of Chair of the Democratic Party of Gwinnett. He simply hates all Republicans, even those who have led his city to Top Ten status.

    click here:

    With that caustic approach, it says a lot about how McConnell would behave as an elected official.

  2. Jerry Oberholtzer says:

    All of my responses (which are backed up with facts and data) are available on my website:

    My opponent is busy talking about motives while I’m busy talking about FACTS. I won’t get into it here, but my website is chock-full of information and welcomes all comments and questions. Something that cannot be said of my opponent’s site!

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

    Say, Jerry, in Snellville, do y’all ever have incidents of husbands having extra-marital affairs with their mother in-laws? It’s been a real long time since I’ve seen a good episode of Jerry Springer…. 😉

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