Maybe We Need To Halt Some of This

It seems like the drought might give rise to the need to cull some building.

From Marietta to McDonough to Cumming, communities across the Atlanta region differ wildly in how much they consider their growth’s impact on an increasingly precious resource: water.

In Cobb and Gwinnett counties, for example, officials considering building requests don’t require developers to report how much water their projects will use.

In contrast, DeKalb and Henry county officials say they won’t approve a new development unless there is enough water to serve it. But in DeKalb, officials are just now preparing to draft the first 25-year water infrastructure plan for their county


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Sure Erick. Tell that to the Republicans throughout Georgia who have catered to every builder and developers’ slightest whim. Who needs water when you can have McMansions and more traffic!

  2. TM2000 says:

    I am confident that it’s finally going to become a trend. It’s starting to affect growth patterns slowly but surely.

  3. So, Henry County gets 130 million + in impact fees without a whimper from developers and you’re against them?

    When the MWA implements the next phase of meter upgrade for residential customers, you’ll be hollerin impact fees…

    carry on mr short sighted visionary

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