How do you raise $707,718 & have nothing to show for it?

Deborah Honeycutt is a Republican candidate for Congress from Georgia’s 13th district. In 2006, she was the Republican nominee for the Congressional seat currently held by Democrat David Scott. In the 2006 election, Honeycutt received 30.8% of the vote compared to Congressman Scott’s 69.2%. Next year, she has plans to challenge Rep. Scott again.

On several occasions, I’ve written about my confusion concerning Honeycutt’s fundraising; particularly the fact that she seems to raise a whole lot of money, and never seems to do anything with it. For the quarter ending September 30th, Deborah Honeycutt raised $256,238.50 bringing her YTD fundraising totals to $632,498.29. That amount dwarfs David Scott’s fundraising totals of $88,217.22 for the quarter and $452,623.01 for the year. However, when you look at the bottom-line, Scott has $179,478 in the bank while Honeycutt has $34,104 in the bank along with $78,273 worth of debt.

How does that happen? How do you raise all that money and have nothing to show for it?

There are several things about Deborah Honeycutt’s campaign that raises my eyebrows. The first being that the address listed on her FEC reports is a Washington, D.C. listing. The second is that a company, BMW Direct, Inc., is listed on Honeycutt’s financial disclosures five times receiving funds totaling $37,796.78 for “direct mail fundraising.” Yeah, you read that right…almost forty grand was spent on direct mail fundraising. Even if paying close to $40,000 for direct mail fundraising is an acceptable arrangement (which I don’t believe it is), you take the forty grand out and you’ve still got over half a million in the bank for a good website, radio ads, a few t.v. ads, direct mail, and a lot of yard signs. I’ve looked Deborah Honeycutt’s reports up and down, and I don’t see any expenditures for any of that. What I do see is some very sketchy items that makes me wonder what exactly is going on with the Honeycutt campaign.

On her FEC reports, Honeycutt lists her campaign address as 1155 15th Street, NW, Suite 614, Washington, D.C. 20005. Two companies, Legacy List Marketing, Inc. and Patriot Partners, Inc., share that address with the Honeycutt campaign. Why is this important? The reason is that the Honeycutt campaign has paid Legacy List Marketing and Patriot Partners a combined $100,623.36 this reporting period for direct mail fundraising. Now, I think it’s very important to note that BMW Direct, Inc. has a similar address to the Honeycutt camp; 1155 15th Street, NW, Suite 410, Washington, D.C. 20005; same address, different suite numbers. I’m bringing this to your attention because BMW Direct’s address is also the address for Century Data Systems Corp., MacKenzie & Co., and Electronic Reporting Systems. The Honeycutt campaign paid Century Data Systems $7,317.35 for direct mail fundraising; MacKenzie & Company $5,697.81 for compliance consulting; and Electronic Reporting Systems $3,990 for electronic disclosure reporting.

Let me repeat, yet again, that all these companies appear to be housed in the same building (and some even in the same suite) as the Honeycutt for Congress campaign. This seems very fishy to me. Either Deborah Honeycutt is getting swindled by all of these D.C. consultants or she’s a crook using these businesses as a front to funnel campaign funds into her pockets. I don’t think Deborah Honeycutt is a crook. I think she’s getting bamboozled by those folks in D.C.; I mean when the treasurer of your campaign is also on the payroll of one of the companies you hired and paid close to $40,000 for direct mail fundraising, any fool could see that there’s something rotten in Denmark here.

From a partisan standpoint, I’m supporting David Scott; and from a strictly partisan point of view, I believe that if Deborah Honeycutt is foolish enough to let all these D.C. consultants take her money, then that’s cool with me. $700,000 at work in Washington means there isn’t $700,000 at work in the 13th district making David Scott and the Democrats’ life miserable.


  1. drjay says:

    i havea honeycutt for congress button from 06–someone must have made those–and as a scott supporter i am sure you would know all about how one’s candidate or candidates spouse can make a good living on a campaign payroll…

  2. My guess is that they have a list of donors who are sympathetic to Republican candidates like Honeycutt so they are milking that list. She doesn’t care if she wins or loses because it’s paying her other bills.

    That probably explains why she has showed up at Democratic fundraisers, she’s just using gullible Republicans to make a living.

  3. CobbGOPer says:

    Swindled or crooked? Neither would surprise me.

    But then again, wasn’t Rep. Scott recently slapped by some non-profit advocacy group as being one of the more “corrupt” (in their eyes) members of Congress? I forget the group…

  4. Harry says:

    David Scott’s insult to the voters of his district as well as the state and nation by his continued presence, is good reason give him an impossible 13th District post-2010.

  5. jackson says:

    Im just suprised that she raised more than Rick Goddard, a top-tier candidate targetted by Washington DC guys, yet no one knows who the heck this woman is. I think Scott is a slimeball, but something is not right about here disclosures either.

  6. Brian Laurens says:

    I think she uses an extremely expensive direct contact fundraising approach- the type the RNC uses where live people call you and ask for money and are pushy because they get 25% of what they raise. Not 100% sure, but I have heard that.

  7. bloomin says:

    I usually try not to over-think these kinds of ‘oddities’ buried in FEC reports. I have no idea what these firms might do (or not do) and DC is a small city, so I don’t really see a conspiracy or anything.

    Basically, it brings to light that Honeycutt is INEPT. The fact that she did so poorly last election and still expects to win (despite apparent and persistent inability to run a campaign), shows she not exactly top-notch.

    I think the only people claiming to take this candidate seriously are the Republicans in dc who constantly claim that every candidate they push is ‘outstanding’ etc. That is, until the first sex scandal.

  8. CowboyBlue says:

    What a Republican w/ financial/legal/campaign problems? Shocking. Honeycutt just sounds like your cookie-cutter GoP candidate. But we all know Repubs would neeeever do anything un-ethical or illegal…

  9. Mad Dog says:


    Over thinking is over rated, isn’t it?

    I don’t think Andre is saying the C word, conspiracy.

    I’m thinking professional candidate who likes being the bride’s maid not the bride.

    And that would be fine if the candidate has or had a specific agenda with some merit. Meaning, someone with a passion and zeal for a good idea being avoided by others. Even if maybe somehow the good idea is a little off the beaten path.


  10. Still Looking says:

    This is another unintended consequence of the reapportionment abortion that created the 13th District. The 13th isn’t a community, or constituency it’s a plaything for politicians who think about representative government. The 13th should never have been created, nobody feels a part of it and nobody watches what goes on. I have no quarell with David Scott, but his district is illegitimate. Iowa gets reapportionment right.

  11. Taft Republican says:

    She’s hired a direct mail fundraising outfit that is a one-stop shop for everything, and the main thing they do is what’s called “prospecting.” That is the most expensive way to raise funds, usually giving you only about 5% for the campaign to pocket; however, you also get all of the donor names and addresses, which (if you’re savvy) you’ll use to do your own in-house fundraising, which can be VERY successful and have a high ROI.

    Unfortunately, it looks like she isn’t that savvy, and isn’t taking advantage of what has obviously become a superb donor list. Too bad for the GOP team there.

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