Here’s another one

On the GREAT plan.

Now, this one talks about the boon to landlords. But, wouldn’t rent go down and benefit tenants if the landlords no longer had to pay property taxes?

Also, I thought I saw a projection somewhere, with regards to the deficit projection, that people would actually wind up paying *a lot* more in taxes overall under the GREAT plan than the present system


  1. StevePerkins says:

    He wasn’t (intentionally) making reference to Georgia politics, but my Property Law professor told an interesting story about this in class a week or two ago. Some west-coast state (either California or Oregon) slashed property taxes, or some measure along those lines, with the intent to provide relief for tenants. However, the result was the property values went up, causing landlords to charge MORE for their now-more-valuable property. Rent actually went UP rather than down.

  2. dorian says:

    Rep. Erhardt swears that this tax scheme polls 80% favorably. I’m still curious as to what rock these 80% are hiding under. Maybe the poll was of republicans in the house. We’ve already seen what it will do to their tax bill in an earlier article.

  3. suwtiger says:

    As a person that owns 2 rental properties, I wouldnt reduce my rent one dollar. If called on it by the tenant, I might roll it back a little in the begining, but I would raise it back up on the next tenant or next lease term. Thats how it would work for 90% of all landlords. Rentors get no break from this plan.

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