The Tax Jesus Alphabet

Here is an alphabetical list of all the things the Tax Jesus will tax under his plan. You put your own in the comments:

ImageArtificial Limbs
Dog Grooming
Girl Scout Cookies
Health Club Dues
Internet Access
Kitchen Remodeling
New Roof
Oil Changes
School Lunches
Youth Soccer Tickets


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Good grief… only thing our household hasn’t consumed over the last year would be A.) Artifical Limbs.

    Woe to the pet funeral people who need repairs to their operating hardware.

  2. Old School Politics says:


    Please dont forget that all lobbyists would be subject to GREAT. GREAT will require that a lobbyist charge sales tax on contracts. I bet that wont go over well.

  3. Adrian Doyle says:

    What about strippers for private parties?

    I hear he’s considering an exemption for hair gel and Just for Men products.

  4. Holly says:

    Chris, excellent suggestion. Erick should save that until after Thanksgiving, though. Maybe he and the rest of the front page posters can get together and do a YouTube clip so we have audio and video?

  5. dingleberry says:


    Erick is only a evangelical Christian when it comes to keeping gays from getting hitched…other than that, he’s pefectly fine with stuff like this and wearing shirts that say “Puck Ron Faul”.

    In other words, he’s only a Christian when it is convienient for him…

  6. Erick says:

    Rugby, I don’t think there is anything heretical or blasphemous about that picture. And Dingleberry, the shirts are selling well.

  7. Donkey Kong says:

    Because, dingle, obviously it would be horridly wrong for a Christian to say “Puck Ron Faul,” let alone drink any form of alcoholic beverage. Horrors! I even heard a rumor somewhere that there were these “Christians” who said Puck Ron Faul with a beer in one hand and a cigar in another. Let’s see–drinking, smoking, cursing–huh, must be of the stripe of Christians that lived from the time of Christ til, oh, about 200 years ago when the Anabaptists rose to prominence. I find it interesting when I go overseas and talk to Christians who are amazed that some over here actually believe its wrong to drink.

    Sheesh. We don’t need another Great Awakening. We need another Reformation.

  8. rugby_fan says:

    Blasphemy is the defamation of the name of one or more gods. These may include using sacred names as stress expletives without intention to pray or speak of sacred matters. Sometimes blasphemy is used loosely to mean any profane language, for example in “With much hammering and blasphemy, the locomotive’s replacement spring was finally fitted.”

    In a broader sense, blasphemy is irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.

    Yes I would say imposing Richardson’s face on Jesus while including a dollar sign above his heart is truly irreverent.

    Then again, I am a Catholic which we all know, “is like Christianity”.

  9. dingleberry says:

    I have nothing against drinking, smoking, swearing, making photoshop pictures of Glenn and Jesus, or gays getting hitched.

    I was just commenting on how strange it is that a guy who runs a sight that preaches the social conservative evangelical “christian” babble out the ass, would make shirts that mean “F*ck Ron Paul” and “blasphemous” images. I wonder if the same rules would apply if some liberal Democrat had made an image of oh, for argument’s sake let’s use Ted Kennedy and mixed it with that of Jesus.

    Not sure that would go over so well…

  10. drjay says:

    in all seriousness as a candidate for municipal office i have concerns about a plan to remove that revenue stream from from the cities and, if i understand correctly leave or financial fate to the good will of the folks in atl…am i the only one who feels that way—also on a lazier note, as a dentist, i do not want to be burdened w/ the task of collecting taxes on the services we render.

  11. In the loop says:

    My list:

    1. The street.
    2. Your feet.
    3. The seat.
    4. The heat.

    Also, the pennies on your eyes.

    And remember: Should 4 percent appear too small, be thankful he don’t take it all.

  12. dorian says:

    I WANT to pay the GLENNTAX! I NEEDS to pay the GLENNTAX! Paying up to 7% more for everything I buy and every service I use is a great, wonderful, marvelous, stupendous idea. Taxing business to business transactions is a great way to boost the economy. Those morons at the economics department of Georgia State gots it all wrong. Glenn has it right. Let’s add a constitutional amendment to rename Atlanta to Glennville. His birthday should be a state holiday. With presents. That we pay Glenntax on.

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