1. rugby_fan says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into the GA4Fred endorsements.

    I put Ron Mexico’s name on their several times and it was removed, clearly someone could put Ox’s name on their. And it wasn’t me.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Yea Erick, how did you make out with the Burger King fiasco? Did you contact and hear back from their HQ?

  3. rightbeforeleft says:

    Like all other things Fred, looks like they put the Ox before the cart on this endorsement. I’m guessing a few other early ‘supporters’ may begin to change their tune, maybe even here on FredPundit or over on FredState.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    I agree with rugby_fan’s assesment… I had never heard anything solid about Oxendine endorsing Thompson in the first place.

    We’re just now finally entering the season when it makes sense for political leaders to endorse anybody. I’ve been baffled by all the early endorsements that came out up to a year ago… in most cases the early bandwagon-hoppers end up looking like total fools. Isn’t about two-thirds of Georgia’s congressional delegation still on record as endorsing Romney?

  5. Doug Deal says:

    I put my name on the Ga4Fred list as well, until his nonsense with “testing the waters”.

    Now, watching him in public appearances he looks a little old and tired, and I am not sure that is the image that will win in November 2008.

    McCain is 7 years older than him, and looks healthy and active (save the injuries he sustained in Vietnam).

    Even Romney is 60, but looks like he could be Thompson’s (grand?)son.

    There is more to being president than making claims about what you support. It is the hardest and most intense jobs in the country. Will the American people elect someone who looks this tired and worn out when he hasn’t even been part of the campaign for long?

  6. Brian Laurens says:

    Fred did terrible in Florida this weekend at Presidency 4. He left the room with people saying “what?” Each of the four major candidates had 30 minutes to speak (they all paid 100k for that privilege.) He spent 2 minutes saying nothing “umm, yeah, umm” and left the stage. I will try to find a post of the video.

  7. atlantaman says:

    I know Ox was going to Thompson events as a supporter, signed the petition, and Shep was telling everyone / blogging how Ox was the first statwide official to endorse a Presidential candidate: Thompson.

    Everyone is entitled to change their mind, but it seems like Oxendine is seeking an annulment.

  8. jsm says:

    That’s the stupidest explanation I’ve ever heard. If I wanted to support someone just so we could hear what they have to say, I’d have to sign petitions for half the population of the United States. I would think signing a petition asking someone to run should be based on what that person has said already.

    Ox is lucky he has a safe seat.

  9. shep1975 says:

    I think you’re a bit mistaken atlantaman. I very rarely if ever post about the Ox and do not believe I have ever done so in regards to the Presidental campaign.

    Many people have said they want Fred in the race, if for no other reason, than to get the base interested. He had told me long ago exactly what he told the AJC, he liked the idea of Fred in the race, but wasn’t sure on the candidate himself. Now that Fred is officially in the race he has decided to go with Rudy. Who cares if he does? He’s entitled to his own opinion in the race. At least he’s met most of the candidates and made his decision after talking to most of them.

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