This is too funny.

Author and radio host Garrison Keillor has gotten a restraining order against a Georgia woman he claims has sent him explicit e-mails, telephone calls and disturbing gifts, including a petrified alligator foot and dead beetles.

A Ramsey County, Minn., district judge issued the order against Andrea R. Campbell, 43, of Hawkinsville, Ga., on Friday. Campbell said she received it on Monday.


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  2. ondichliberty88 says:

    Andrea R. Campbell sent explicit e-mails, telephone calls and disturbing gifts, including a petrified alligator foot and dead beetles. Garrison Keillor thought she was unstable and could do harm towards him. The Ramesy County District judge in St.Paul, MN belived Keillor might have a case, so he issued the restraining order. Garrison Keillor is a great performer who hosts Prairie Home Companion on NPR and Minnesota is a one of the best state in the US. “That’s The News From Lake Woebegan” Garrison Keillor would say.

  3. alan.moore says:

    Hilarious indeed. Equally funny is that no one here in Hawkinsville (I live in the town) has any idea who this woman is, and she’s been making national news for us. She beat the saggy pants ordinance in the papers the last few days.

  4. gatormathis says:

    So she loads up, and goes from Hawkinsville, Ga, all the way up to Minnesota. While “there”, she is completely satisfied to simply “stand” on the sidewalk, and not approach Keller’s house at all.

    Somehow, I figure if she got “sidewalk” close to the man’s home, she probably eased on up to the window, hoping for a closer peek.

    And the man above from Hawkinsville says no one knows who she is.

    Why worry about fires in California and our drougt when there are interesting stories such as this about?
    Total disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about no “gator” foot.

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