1. Rick Day says:


    From a Texan to you Georgians….I got some sad news….

    Georgia is the ‘Michael Richards’ of superstar states.

    Go back to reading your Holybible ™

  2. Rick Day says:

    btw..the Ron Paul Revolution desperately needs you to turn your back on the Dark Side. Isn’t it time you crawled out of bed with those whores and came back home to the LPGa?

    I’d support you for Lt Gov.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Would you two Libertarian Party lovers get a room and get off of this post? This is important media stuff, not a love shack for political losers.

  4. Chris says:


    I like the dark side. I get to attend week conference calls with Dick Cheney and Karl Rove (you just think he retired) were we discuss whose career we’ll ruin, tell dirty jokes about Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Harry Ried and come up with way to increase our CO2 output so the inland properties we bought will go up in value with the rising oceans.

    Why would I want to give up that?

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Thanks Chucky. Sometimes it takes a Georgia gal to do a pundit’s job. Stuff’s hard work. I already missed one facial apt. trying to keep up with this crisis.


    It’s been rainin everyday in Bbib County, Georgia USA? since the water crisis hit. We never fail to do things backwards down here. Now get out your divining rods and snap to it.

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