Coke/Pepsi to reduce water use in Atlanta.

No doubt in response to SpaceyG’s comment here.

Coke and Pepsi have stepped up efforts to use less water in key Atlanta production plants as state officials consider restricting industrial water use.

But several years of aggressive water conservation within the beverage industry could leave few options for significantly more savings at the plants.

“Sometimes there are things you can do but not sustain,” said Bruce Karas, Coke North America’s director of sustainability, safety and environment. “The opportunity to have huge gains aren’t there anymore.”

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  1. SpaceyG says:

    At a $1.50 a bottle for The ‘Hooch’s Finest (Dasani), no wonder we’re facing a water crisis. They can’t bottle that sludge up fast enough. I can’t imagine what “less” water use at Coke could possibly mean, other than turning off the showers at the corporate gym.

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