Charges and Counter Charges

Everybody may be somebody in Snellville, but if you’re going to run for public office you better be ready for a fight. The mud is getting slung around as the race for Mayor heats up. Here’s some of the highlights:

Challenger Bruce Garraway resented the AJC’s characterization of him as part of Snellville’s “Old Guard.”

Incumbent Jerry Oberholtzer said Garraway missed several Council meetings, Garraway said “no I didn’t.

Garrway accuses Oberholtzer of voting against an effort to strengthen adult entertainment ordinances in Snellville. Oberholtzer says “you’re wrong Bruce.

Former Councilman Joe Anderson claims Garraway acted improperly when he had Snellville Police unlock his car outside City Limits. Garraway responded by using an automated call to encourage people to call Joe Anderson’s cell phone.. Garraway also called for an “independent investigation” into the relationship between Anderson and Oberholtzer. Local activist Bob Griggs called on Garraway to drop out of the race and Garraway ally Councilman Robert Jenkins to resign.

If you want to learn more about Snellville politics, check out their Wikipedia page.


  1. Atticus says:

    I don’t like this article. Mainly because there is no actual investigation into whether or not any of these “charges or counter charges” are accurate. If it was all a matter of opinion then I’d say “ok, let the readers make their own judgments”

    But after reading through the links provided, it is obviously clear that Bruce Garraway is on the wrong side of every argument. The facts back that up clear as day. Instead, this article reads like a box score of a football game.

    My main point is that yall are giving way too much credit to Garraway for being a real candidate in this race. So far he has done nothing but consistently lie to the people of Snellville, and attack the other campaign with accusations that turn out to be proven lies!

    All I’m asking is for a little investigative journalism into the truth behind the “charges and counter charges”. Otherwise I feel like I’m reading the AJC.

  2. Buzz-
    First, full disclosure: Bruce Garraway is my client.

    Second, you have at least one fact wrong, and several other things that could be called “mischaracterizations.” Check your email.

    You might also want to point out that the author of Snellville’s wikipedia entry is Jerry Oberholtzer’s son. (You know, just in case anybody mistook wikipedia for being accurate.)

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