Alabama to Bush: Ignore Georgia

How awesome is this?

Alabama Governor Bob Riley has sent a letter to President Bush urging him to deny a request by Georgia’s governor for a disaster declaration. The Alabama governor said such a declaration would put people and jobs in Alabama at risk.

Riley said in the letter that Georgia’s request that the president order less water be released from Lake Lanier, “would be a radical step that would ignore the vital downstream interests of Alabama.”

In the letter, Riley said he understands the needs of Atlanta residents, but said the state can not stand by and let Georgia to take control of the reservoir’s water to the detriment of Alabamians who live and work downstream.

Boortz floated the idea of the Georgia National Guard seizing Lake Lanier. I starting to think that ain’t such a bad idea.


  1. ondichliberty88 says:

    Bob Riley stabs Georgia in the back. it’s on now. It wasn’t stars that fell on Alabama. Bob Riley just proved that.

  2. cheapseats says:

    ha! I couldn’t help but notice that this post excluded the stuff that Riley said about needing the water for the nuclear plant or they might have to shut it down.

    I thought all the anti-environmentalists loved nuclear power plants. Of course, that would have spoiled your rants about endangered species…it’s your blog so you get to spin it any way you want.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    More reservoirs need to be built in North Georgia. Plus, I agree with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, we need to use conservation techniques to capture and use rainfall for re-use for toilets, irrigation, and other non-drinking reasons.

  4. GodHatesTrash says:

    This would make a great war. Arm both sides, last man standing wins.

    The rest of y’all can be collateral damage.

    Need to get me some Halliburton and Blackwater stock, and pray for no rain…

  5. jsm says:

    Boy, how about those “hundreds of millions of gallons” of water “saved” in Birmingham? Since Birmingham is nowhere near the Chattahoochee, what does it have to do with this situation? Any water “saved” in a city that actually IS downstream goes into the Gulf of Mexico, anyway–not back into the Lake.

    Either Riley is lying or Cagle is. Riley states, “That reservoir was built with federal taxpayer dollars for certain congressionally authorized purposes, which did not include Atlanta-area water supply.” Cagle said the other day that the Corps was charged with using the lake to provide water to sustain human life. Based on what I have read, Riley’s statement is untrue, but I’d like to find the actual legislation to read for myself.

    I just wonder what Riley is going to do when the lake level drops so low that water can’t be sent downstream to cool his nuclear plant. I sure hope he has a backup plan.

    I found this article an interesting read:

  6. Know Nothing says:

    Obviously he is still pissed with Alabama’s loss to Georgia in overtime squashing the Tide’s chances for a run at the SEC title game.

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