Marshall Sustained the VETO

Somehow or another this has become my fault, but in any event, Jim Marshall voted to sustain the President’s veto on SCHIP.

Look for House Democrat leaders, fearful now that local Democratic activists might make a strong play against Marshall, to give Marshall a prominent role in the compromise bill.


  1. Erick says:

    Amazing the credit I get for things. And to think, the draft I submitted way back when was to the left of what they wound up doing.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    I applaud Marshall for voting against a bad bill. The Democrats should have simply reauthorized the bill, instead of trying to push through a massive increase funded by a tax increase.

  3. ondichliberty88 says:

    I definitely agree with you. I am tired of Party Line politics. The 2 party system either makes me angry because of their stupidity or puts me to sleep because they act like Broken Records. Fact: There is no room for creativity in the 2 party system.

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