Tax Jesus Betrayed By A DOT Judas

ImageWell, it came to pass today. Gena Abraham was elected in a 7-6 vote over Vance Smith to be the new DOT Commissioner.

As I said yesterday, things would really come down to how Mike Evans and Garland Pinholster would vote. I’m not exactly sure how the vote broke, but I have heard Evans wound up supporting Abraham. That might make for an interesting fight next year over his reappointment.

Will Tax Jesus smite him? We will see.

UPDATE: Evans and Pinholster did vote for Abraham, swinging this to Cagle and Perdue away from Richardson’s guy.


  1. YourFutureLeader says:

    Very sad day, Vance Smith was the better choice imo and a great guy to boot. DOT loses on this one, the House gets keep one of its best in their ranks.

  2. eehrhart says:

    Pass the melted butter grift; can we have some cornmeal for the sturgeon? no mussels no fish no endangered species problem

  3. JRM2016 says:

    This is really awful. I do think the references to the Speaker have become inappropriate. Can someone tell me why the loyal supporter of gop causes for over a decade, a leader in the house, chair of the house transportation committee was passed over for this job?

    This is the kind of garbage that causes people to lose faith in our party. The job of dot commissioner is not to manage construction projects, which seems to be abrahms expertise, but to be an advocate and policymaker on trans issues. One is left with the impression that this was about power politics instead of good policy. All of us in the gop are poorer for this in the eyes of the voters.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    People have lost faith in the Republican Party because the Religious Right has taken it over, they cannot balance budget, they cannot stop interfering in the market, they expand already out of control entitlements, they preach individual liberty but do not practice it, they pass legislation that opens the door to a police state, they can’t stop spending and they got us into a war that we should have never been in in the first place.

    I recognize that not all of this is at the state level, but a good portion of it is. But these are the reasons why people have lost faith in the Republican Party.

    On to the main post, I’m glad to see that Vance Smith lost. But I don’t know much about Abraham.

  5. JRM2016 says:


    Why are you glad to see that Vance lost, particularly since you admit to know nothing about the person that will now be charged with administering billions in state spending.

    All the points you made relate to people building up political power bases instead of doing the right thing. That is what happened here.

  6. Insider Mike says:


    The Speaker has already started fishing for someone to run against Evans… If the House is unified, they’ll oust him too.

  7. Harry says:


    Rather than berating the “Religious Right”, you should consider the real danger to individual freedom, what I refer to as pseudo-tolerance…


    We have only to look at recent legislation in California to see what happens when the popular notion of

  8. Jason Pye says:

    Vance Smith proposed a $22 billion dollar tax increase in the last session. Instead of searching for innovative ideas to fix the funding shortfall, he wants to propose one of the largest tax increases in Georgia history.

  9. atlantaman says:

    Vance is a great guy an exactly what the DOT needs.

    Keep in mind Vance was one of the Governor’s Floor Leaders last session.

    During the Constitutinal crisis Vance parted ways with the Governor, resigning his position, and stayed loyal with the House. One can’t help consider if the veto mess never occured would Vance be the DOT Commissioner?

  10. yellowhammer says:

    Vance would indeed have made a fine DOT chair. As it is, Taterhead’s oversized ego has been temporarily satisfied by forcing a crony on the DOT in yet another power grab. As if it wasn’ already going to be rough, I’d imagine the first few days of the upcoming session just got a lot worse for Caesar.

  11. cheapseats says:

    I thought Vance Smith was better qualified, on paper, but lost faith when he showed the poor judgement of allowing himself to be closely associated with the power-hungry empty suits.

    No matter how great is your expertise, if you hang with the ‘Stache, I will never trust you with public resources.

    Now, how soon can we get rid of the new guy and get a qualified candidate?

  12. JRM2016 says:

    Hmmm….has anybody thought of electing the DOT Commisioner the way we elect the Agriculture Commissioner, the Labor Commissioner, the State Superintendent of Education and the Attorney General?

    The argument against would be that legislators don’t want to lose their influence in deciding such matters–but this election showed that legislators could not get their preferred choice anyway.

    So how about it–a statewide election for DOT Commisioner?

  13. Donkey Kong says:

    “Oh my. Was that Photo Shop escapade really necessary Erick?”

    Honestly, that photo made my day.

    “People have lost faith in the Republican Party because the Religious Right has taken it over…”

    Jason, I prefer to call them the Hippy Right. Why? Because the “religious” throughout the history of western civ have typically also been the most intellectual. In fact, the principles you and I so proudly espouse that are the foundation for our country were based on explicitly “religious” principles. I don’t like the title “Religious Right” because it infers the problem is with religion. The real problem is with the growing number of Americans who are uneducated in history and social/cultural constructs. There just so happens to be a highly dangerous movement in many denominations in modern Christianity that places a premium on experience over intellect. As experience is inherently subjective, the objective values that we call truth, and which have historically been inseparable from Christianity, have been discounted compared to the experiential. Because of the prominent role that personal experience plays over intellect, I think Hippy Right is a more accurate title.

    It seems to me that, on a widespread basis, Christian theology has not kept up with the changing of our times. I don’t mean a change in theological beliefs, but an adaptation of application of those principles to our modern world.

  14. Glenn will not be able to unify the house to get rid of Mike Evans, he has been around way to long and has friends in ever corner and crevice of the state. Not to mention he served in the House with a lot of these State Reps. who would have to vote to oust him.

  15. Insider Mike says:

    I’d argue a strong majority of the House would be more loyal to the Speaker and to Vance in this instance.

  16. betta says:

    “Oh my. Was that Photo Shop escapade really necessary Erick?”

    I agree, Grace. But ya gotta give the kid a chance, especially anybody who just passed the bar in 2000 and his address is “RedState.”

  17. Trackboy1 says:

    Does anyone else see the insanity???

    GDOT has 6,000 employees. $2.7 billion in construction projcts last year alone.

    And candidates had four days to apply???
    The board looked only looked at two or three people?? Didn’t consider for a second to do a national search???

    David Doss calls out a fellow board member right before the vote, alledgely a conflict of interest?
    Vance Smith gets all pouty: “I’ll listen to anybody. Everybody, I hope. And that’s about all I’m gonna say.”


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