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Jim Marshall is getting heavy pressure from top Democrats to jump into the U.S. Senate race against Saxby. The alleged rumor, supposedly discussed over dinner at a shindig, is that President Clinton himself has intervened to convince Marshall he needs to run for the Senate. While I would be very skeptical of Presidential intervention, I have no doubt people would love to see Marshall run against Saxby, given the lack of stellar candidates already in.


  1. Adrian Doyle says:

    That would not be smart.

    Saxby is going to be difficult to beat even if someone the quality of Marshall or Barrow ran against him.

    It seems to me a matter of Saxby getting reelected and keeping a House seat or Saxby getting reelected and losing a House seat.

    Then there’s the question of Marshall’s voting record as far as those on the left are concerned, which is a whole other can of worms…

  2. The KosKids and the Tondee’s Tavernites would be happy to be rid of Marshall. Marshall’s an apostate on the War and SCHIP. With Marshall out of the way the Democrats could run a true progressive for that Congressional seat who would get clobbered.

    Marshall would be a more formidable opponent for Chambliss, but I still think Chambliss wins.

  3. Holly says:

    Huh. I’m a bit skeptical of the Bill Clinton thing. Clinton is, above all else, a brilliant politician. He must know that if Marshall gets into the Senate race, he’s facing a popular, well-financed incumbent, and then the 8th would go to a Republican, too. I cannot see him suggesting the Dems lose a toss-up House seat to not gain a Senate seat.

  4. ChuckEaton says:

    At this point I don’t think Marshall has much statewide name recognition so a poll would simply be measuring how much hardcore Democrat support is out there.

  5. Still Looking says:

    Until the Georgia Democratic party tells the people of Georgia what they stand for, there is no sense sacrificing a congressman for a losing senate race. Georgia voters have no idea what Democrats stand for other than what they hear from the wingnut noise machine. Come on Dems: build a platform and message! Its fundamental to rebuilding the party.

  6. Non-partisan says:

    I think Marshall can beat chambliss for the senate seat in 2008 if he were to run. Chambliss maybe well financed but it won’t matter if people feel that he isn’t doing a good job representing Georgians at the highest possible level possible. Remenber his support for that awful immigration bill with ultra-liberal Ted Kennedy that would have given millions of illegals amnesty & would force americans out of good paying jobs in favor of illegals such as the case where I’m living at right now where a local poultry plant replaced workers who worked at the plant for years with immigrants who they don’t know if they are legal or not. Marshall doesn’t support giving amnesty to illegals like chambliss does. Marshall is highly repected for his work in congress & vietnam where he served as a army ranger which he was inducted into their hall of fame in 2006. Marshall can raise enough money to wage a competitive campaign against chambliss who I think is not as safe as he once was. I hear that he is looking strong right now, but look at his challengers so far. Dale Cardwell & Vernon Jones. Both have little no money, weal organization, & no name I.D. So anyone would look strong against these two hacks. I hope Marshall does run because it semms to me that chambliss has forgotten about the citizens of Georgia in favor of washington insiders, special interest groups & corporations.

  7. Toddrob says:

    Have you all ever thought that Marshall might be looking at the 2008 Senate race as a spring board to front runner status (plus state wide name ID) for the 2010 elections? If Johnny jumps to run for gov… there is an open seat with a strong Dem with name id ready to make the play. So the Dems could actually give up a house seat for a Senate seat securing a majority in that Chamber for at least a decade +.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    That Saxby Chambliss is running unopposed in the GOP tells me all I need to know about your party – it has NO PRINCIPLES.

    Saxby violates the basic tenets of the Republican Party and he is “popular.”

    If the Dems run anyone credible against him, he is in deep trouble, $4 war chest or not.

    2008 is not going to be a GOP year and it does not help, even in Georgia, when the party runs total imposters who might be “Republican” but sure as heck are not conservative.

    Chambliss won’t be getting my vote, in 2008 or ever.

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