Remembering Cynthia

Now that Cynthia no longer considers herself a resident of Georgia, Mike Jacobs sent along a link to this resolution. It failed last year, but my guess is that it might come back up.

The resolution would


  1. John Konop says:

    I do not support Cynthia or her antics. Yet one would think the State House has better things to do than worry about the name of a portion of Memorial Drive. Is this the number one priority in Georgia?

  2. drjay says:

    well maybe at least really old, retired sorts of people so than can be at the naming ceremony for their bridge or people dying of some unfortunate disease like als or cancer. otherwise yeah that makes sense

  3. I have a compromise to offer. The legislature will pass a law that says no one can qualify for office if a road or bridge is named after them in that area. Then they should promptly name a bridge for Glenn Richardson in Paulding County.

  4. griftdrift says:

    How about we use, I don’t know, numbers and letters to designate state routes. Hey! They already have those so we wouldn’t have to do another damned thing!

    Don’t get me started on license plates.

  5. RuralDem says:

    I am no fan of McKinney, but honestly, with all the problems going on in the world today, why in the heck are we spending time giving her more media coverage?

  6. GodHatesTrash says:

    As long as we’re changing names, how about renaming roadways named after bigots and trash – like Zell Miller, Larry McDonald, Lester Maddox, and Ronald Reagan?

  7. rugby_fan says:


    I think I will give up until next year. There has just been too much stress put on me in my quest for now.

    If Broun is denied a chance to serve in congress next year, heaven help whoever is behind such a despicable act (I’m guessing the Freemasons. Aren’t they behind everything in America anyway?).

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