Pro-Life Heroes

Three Georgia lawmakers were named Pro-Life Heroes by Georgia Right To Life.

Sen. David Shafer got the award for his bill creating the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank and encouraging stem cell research that does not involve the destruction of human life at any stage of development.

Sen. Nancy Schaefer (no relation) and Rep. James Mills were recognized for their bill guaranteeing the right of women who are considering an abortion to view a sonogram image of the baby if they so choose.

Zell Miller was keynote speaker at the awards banquet, and Senator Shafer put up his thoughts here.

With more pro-life legislation coming this current session, we should probably keep our eyes on Shafer to see how far he is willing to go to amend the constitution. He is not (nor to my knowledge is anyone else) sponsoring Martin Scott’s legislation and Shafer doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who is willing to amend the Constitution and then spending millions of our dollars on a losing court fight just for the shake of making a statement.