But It’s Entertainment

WWE fans are sure to protest.

World Wrestling Entertainment soon could be answering to the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

Board member Cary Ichter said the agency, more commonly known as the state boxing commission, plans to work with state legislators this fall to close a 2-year-old loophole that has allowed WWE an exemption from state regulation.


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    Does this mean WWE is now considered a sport? I think the fans will be pleased.

    The next step is surely an exhibition match at the next Olympics – giving their greco roman brethren a run for their money.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    Oh, I like watching southerners on Peach Pundit pretend that they’ve never been wrestling fans at any point in their lives… if not including the present (I’m not ashamed to admit having gone to the TNA event at Gwinett Arena this past weekend).

    The ramifications of this are not that wrestling is or isn’t considered a “sport”. The ramifications are that performers would be subject to physicals, and probably steroid testing. This is pretty logical fallout from the Chris Benoit tragedy.

  3. drjay says:

    i am proud to say one of the highlights of my youth was watching a grudge match between randy savage (w/ the lovely miss elizabeth, God rest her soul) and ricky steamboat in the savannah civic center in a real bonding moment w/ my step father–jake the snake was on the card as well–and the wwf thing that would prempt snl was always appointment t.v. in the early to mid 80’s, the tbs stuff is a found memory too–but your point about steroids and the benoit episode does make sense

  4. jsm says:

    Where’s Trash? I would have figured he’d be pretty quick to throw a Bubba-hatin’ comment in this thread.

  5. dingleberry says:

    I hate dumb republican rednecks. Note to the slow: All Republicans are dumb rednecks. Even the black ones.

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