1. Doug Deal says:

    After experimenting with it a while, I can now pretty easily control the way she appears to spin by covering her feet and her upper body so that only the area around her knees are visible. Then, as the legs oscillate, if you imagine them spinning in the direction you want, reveal the rest of the body and it will also seem to spin in that direction.

    Pretty freaky.

  2. griftdrift says:

    I can make it go either way at will.

    The optical illusion is based on how the brain interprets light and shadow.

    Here’s an easy trick to keep your brain from being fooled. Focus on the shadows on the floor. Specifically the small one which is the shadow of the foot in the air. As its spinning in the direction you are currently perceiving, consciously try to imagine what that particular shadow’s position would be if she were spinning the other way. It may take some practice but pretty soon you should be able to make it go either way pretty much on command.

    I’m actually to the point where I can make here sway gently back and forth from 3:00 to 9:00.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    MD and Rug,

    It’s junk pop psychology that means nothing. From my experience with the “l’il lady” it all just depends on where she is in her turn when I first catch site of her. Originally, I saw her moving counterclockwise, but then she shifted to clockwise, and I could not see her going the other way, until I did my trick with blocking everything except her knees. Now I can move whichever way, just by thinking about it.

    If there truly was some bias to your “brainedness” you would not be able to perceive it both ways so easily.

    I think it was just a story created to demonstrate a very interesting illusion.

  4. memberg says:

    I figured it out.

    1) Focus only on the leg/foot that creates the axis she is rotating on.

    2) If you want her to rotate clockwise, focus on her foot and try to perceive that it starts its rotation on the right side, coming toward you.

    3) If you want her to rotate counter-clockwise, focus on her foot and try to perceive that it starts its rotation on the left side, coming toward you.

  5. jillchambers says:

    she’ll spin both ways for me, too. she keeps going back and forth, back and forth.

    Is this legal in Georgia? there should be a law – but then I would have to vote against it.

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