Fred in Atlanta

For those lamenting the lack of Fred posts…..

Senator Thompson will be at Preferred Jet Center at McCollum field in Kennesaw at 11AM. Public is welcome and invited to attend.

There will also be a significant endorsement at this time.

Updated to add: Thursday October 18th.


  1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Will gunlover and moron bigot Dent Myers of Kennesaw come out for Hillbilly Fred?

    Stay tuned….

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    If anyone is a disappointment it is you Brian. Well I guess for me to be disappointed I would have had to have high expectaions for you which I didn’t. So I take back what I said.

  3. TrueConservative says:

    I wonder wich fake conservative is going to sell out and back, this pro-abortion lobbying, so darn sorry that he can’t support traditional marriage, voted for McCain Feingold, jokes about not attending church, his second wife looks like his grandaughter(dirty old man), was proud of chasing woman between marriages, didn’t pass any legislation worth a flip in the senate, LOOSER. Probably some sell out state senator. Has to be. POLITICAL SUICIDE!!!! Who ever it is is obviosly following the flesh instead of the spirit, or just not a Christian.

  4. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Hasn’t a presidential candidate already done this? I assume he will also be at OK Cafe like Rudy and The Varsity like Romney?

  5. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate the encouraging remarks.

    Disappointed in the lack of information. Not Chris. Chris is a swell guy and does not take stuff personally. We can be on opposite sides and still be friends.

  6. Painterman says:

    I would think this is for this Thursday (10/18) as Senator Thompson has 2 fundraisers in the Atlanta area then.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    From an email:

    There are three events scheduled for Thursday. Please try and support us at one of these events. The more successful we are the more we can expect Fred to visit Georgia!

    11AM – Public event and endorsement announcement @ McCollum airport (Preferred Jet Center Hanger) in Kennesaw

    Noon – Fundraiser at the 191 Club in Atlanta

    6PM – Fundraiser at the Home of Lance Cooper in west Cobb County

  8. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Will you please cut it out on this end? If you want to make the argument that Huckabee is more consistently conservative than Fred, Mitt, Rudy, then do it. If you want to say that 10.5 years executive experience of running a government is important, then say it. If you think that we need to have someone who doesn’t change his positions to run for President, then make that argument. If you think it is unacceptable to be pro-choice or lobby for pro-choice organizations, then tell us.

    But please, I beg you, don’t judge people about how Christian they are based on who they are supporting. It is unbecoming of a Christian and frankly it is unbiblical.

  9. Sam Teasley says:

    Interesting day for Governor Mike Huckabee:

    Dick Morris says that Huckabee is the only one left on the right:

    Rasmussen polls showing Huckabee 1 point behind Fred and 7 down from Romney in Iowa:

    Romney has been stuck in the mid to high 20’s since May. Huckabee seems to be the only GOP candidate moving UP in the polls.

  10. jsm says:


    Learn to spell and use proper grammar if you want anyone to take your screeching seriously.

    Oh yeah, you might also want to learn some facts:

    Thompson’s National Record of Accomplishments-

    Huckabee is a Tax Hiker-

    Mike Huckabee Gets an ‘F’-

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