Fleming vs. Broun; Marshall v. Goddard [Updated]

In the open seat in the 10th Congressional District (assuming Broun has still not been sworn in) we’ve got the fundraising numbers in.

Paul Broun raised $476,608.00 and spent $441,817.00 for cash on hand of $34,790.00 and outstanding debts of $293,079.00. UPDATE: Sorry folks, the FEC is doing things on the main page with YTD numbers instead of quarterly. Broun only raised $52,149.49 this quarter. That actually sucks.

Barry Fleming, who has been in for less than a month, raised $273,000.00, spent $4,073.00, and has cash on hand of $268,926.00 with no debts,.

In the 8th Congresional District, challenger Rick Goddard raised $262,811.00, spent $46,176.00, and has cash on hand of $226,634.00.

Incumbent Jim Marshall raised $106,442.86, spent $12,878.91, and has cash on hand of $724,176.44 and only $7,500.00 in debt.

[UPDATE ON GODDARD:] I got the data wrong off the FEC site. The numbers above are year to date. Quarterly, Goddard raised $120,799.55 and spent $39,788.86 in this quarter. His cash on hand is still$226,634.21.

Thanks to Chris for pointing that out.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    If he sold that number, Marshall must be afraid of the General.

    Can I just say; its good to see that so many people, while they might not share the same level of concern I do, are at least clamoring for an answer as to whether or not Broun’s been sworn in.

  2. Toddrob says:

    Oh Memberg! The humanity!! What is this world coming to!!! A dollar donation for a campaign button!!! The sky is falling!

  3. In the loop says:

    I don’t know where y’all got Broun’s numbers from, but they’re wrong. Broun raised $52,149.49, spent $29,866.25, has $34,790.69 on hand and $293,079.58 in debt (mostly to himself).

  4. memberg says:

    Um, Todd, the emphasis was clearing on “SELLING” and not “$1.”

    Would you think it was ok to sell bumper stickers? Yard signs? Why not make people pay to phone bank?

  5. Toddrob says:

    now you guys are thinking… why not include the folks that cant give $1000… but are willing to help and give a dollar? or are you guys above letting folks help at the $1 level???

  6. drjay says:

    almost every election cycle at party hq there are buttons in a basket w/ a little note asking for a buck or two donation to defray the costs of the button–i don’t think its an absurd proposition

  7. memberg says:

    Are you being intentionally asinine? Obviously, if someone cares enough to give but can only afford a dollar, the candidate/campaign should not turn them away. (Even though the “$1 level” doesn’t help anything, unless you have thousands of donors.) What would help more? The $1 collected, or the publicity generated by a free button?

    And Dr. J,
    It didn’t say “suggested donation” or anything like that. They were in a basket with a sign next to it that said “Buttons – $1.” They were clearly being sold. It wasn’t: “Take a button if you want, and leave a donation if you like.” It was: “Want a button? $1 please.”

  8. Toddrob says:

    Memberg- your argument is like a bad joke that you have to explain. We get it. you dont support Goddard.

  9. ondichliberty88 says:

    Peach Pundit needs a Ron Paul post section or if not we should have a post called why Georgia has a great blog.

  10. Who gives a rip about selling a pin. Every organization (corporate, non-profit, political etc.) sell their promotional stuff. No offense, but some folks are way too anal about their politics. Geez.

  11. memberg says:

    Todd, I would think it’s a dumb idea no matter who it is.

    Selling stuff on websites is not the same as charging people who come up in person to your campaign booth, at a fair they paid $8 to get into, for a button. Also, I rue the day when the standards and practices of presidential campaigns control how congressional races are run.

  12. steelfist says:

    memberg – who cares? If that is your only beef with Goddard then I hope you will join us at his swearing-in ceremony in January 2008. I’ll be the guy wearing the $1 Goddard for Congress button.

  13. RuralDem says:

    I’m on agreement with Memberg that it is poor taste to sit and charge for a button at an event like the Perry Fair.

    Online stores are different.


    Maybe you should add in there that Memberg doesn’t like Goddard, but you’re fascinated with him. I think that would be even 🙂

    Either way, Marshall will be just fine. Collins was a much better candidate than Goddard.

  14. jsm says:

    “Collins was a much better candidate than Goddard.”

    Wow. Do you mean that? Collins was a terrible campaigner. I really would have a hard time believing Goddard is worse.

  15. Mem- people take things that they may or may not want just because they are free. Now put a dollar amount on them and you limit the flow of unwanted goods from the table. People who still want one will pay a measly dollar. And I am sure if you really really want one and can not afford the buck – that Judy will give you one.

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