Black Facing Jim Marshall

Well, on the radio this morning, I got to talk about Jim Marshall and the SCHIP vote to override the President’s veto.

It actually wasn’t a topic I intended to talk about, but it just so happened that BlogPAC and took out a full page ad accusing Jim Marshall of


  1. souldrift says:

    Amusing..what Democrats aren’t “far left” according to Republicans these days, besides Joe Leiberman?

    The name calling doesn’t work if you call everyone in the party that. Seems like you’re, as a group, unable to come to terms with being that far to the right of where a sizeable number of Americans stand.

  2. rugby_fan says:


    You sound pretty confident in your post that you will be sworn in.

    I mean, if Paul Broun, a should-be-congressman-by-now, can be denied that, don’t think it mightn’t happen to you as well.

    Just a bit of caution, you’d be a perfect person “they” would like to make an example out of.

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