1. GeorgiaValues says:

    Snuggles definitely retains his presumed front runner status while the numbers show that Cardwell’s campaign just can’t get off the ground.

    I am really suprised that Snuggles has continued to outpace Cardwell in what should have been Cardwell’s strongest showing (his first full disclosure period). This should have been his easy money/show how serious he is, quarter.

    While Snuggles continues to try to run to the right of Saxby, Cardwell is making zero inroads with Democrats.

  2. candlerpark says:

    What a joke. If this is the best challenge Democrats can put up then they deserve to lose . . . The question is, though, who could they conceivably run that could have a shot at winning?

    Shirley Franklin? What about Barnes? Max Cleland rematch?

    I do not know how plausible any of those candidacies could be.

    Oh, well, probably will be a boring 2008 in GA.

  3. RuralDem says:

    Jason, you reminded me of something I have been meaning to post regarding signs.

    Jones has some signs up in Perry. They appeared right when the fair started last week or whenever. I counted like five of them near the red lights starting near Arby’s down past Captain D’s and eventually down near Eckerd’s. If you’ve been by that part of Perry, then you’ll know what I mean by the strip of land in the middle. The signs were on these strips. At least two of them got taken down a few days after I first saw them.

    I guess I’m just surprised that he’s got signs out around here.

  4. Holly says:

    I’m not understanding the need for signs yet. They lose their effectiveness after a while, because people grow accustomed to seeing them. It seems to me that the candidates should want to hold off until April or May, no?

  5. Donkey Kong says:

    Erick, can I suggest we run a competition for the best Snuggles campaign sign? I’m purely passive in this b/c I have no graphic design talent whatsoever, but it would be a hoot to see what you guys come up with. I’ll buy the winner a few drinks next time we have a PP get-together.

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