BREAKING: State GOP Appeals Committee recommends new elections for Fulton County GOP

This is big news. We covered the controversy back in May. At the time, it was reported that even Secretary of State Karen Handel thought the Fulton County GOP was out of line in the handling of its chairman’s election.

Well, the State GOP agrees with her unanimously. From the State GOP Appeals Committee’s opinion, released today:

As a result of these significant irregularities and because of the extreme chaos during the balloting, the Committee unanimously concludes that to insure the integrity of the election of Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party another election be conducted


  1. Bill Simon says:

    This is titled incorrectly, Erick.

    This is only a “recommendation” by the Appeals Committee TO the State Committtee.

    The State Committee must meet to decide what the action will be.

    And…I find it rather humorous that someone released this to you when it has TOMORROW’S DATE on it.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    This has absolutly nothing to do with the trust. It has to do with poor planning of the convention. Nothing more.

    PS. If you read Bill’s Political Vine you would be dumber for having done so.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    The state committee will vote to uphold the recommendations of the Appeals Commitee. I don’t see how they can vote otherwise…..

  4. debbie0040 says:

    I think it was just poor planning as well…Dvorsak and Winter never have struck me as the dishonest types….

  5. Mike Hauncho says:

    Mike did not do anything dishonest during this convention. He spent too much time trying to get elected and failed to put forth the appropriate effort to put on a good convention. After reading the release it makes Wendell look worse than Mike. Mike has been working hard to turn things around but maybe it was too little too late. However anytime you moves things in the right direction you should not be faulted for it. To my knowledge he is already making calls and getting support for he re-reelection.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    No, in this case, it has nothing to do with money or the endowment since the money generated by the endowment has a legally restricted use defined by the bylaws of the endowment.

    Unlike you Dems, some of us in the GOP actually give a damn about fair and honest elections. And, the Fulton GOP convention chair election was run in neither an honest nor a fair fashion.

  7. griftdrift says:

    Perhaps if y’all cared about putting forth the image of a fair an honest election, you might occasioally invite a neutral source. One that might be critical but fair.

    Like the Dems did for their state elections?


  8. Mike Hauncho says:

    We have never had a problem holding fair elections which is why we have no need for a neutral source. Obviously the Dems have had problems with this many times before if you have to have a neutral source.

  9. new-guy says:

    Mike already called me and asked for my vote. Mike said the results of the State Party are due to “personal issues. ” Looks like the campaign is already well underway.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Dvorsack SUPPORTERS would use the Mike is an “incompetent boob” defense, which is hilarious in of itself.

    It’s not that hard to run an election of a couple of hundred ballots – you count the ballots going out and you count them coming in. Even if he’s just an idiot, and not dishonest, do you really want him overseeing ballot security for the real elections in the Democrat precincts?

  11. ugavi says:

    Mike should do the right thing for the party and step down. I know he has stated that he will not step down. He’s hurting the credibility of the party and should do the right thing for the party.

  12. atlantaman says:

    I think he ought to step down in light of all the disasters under his chairmanship. Who can forget the national media pressure Shirley Franklin was under for her racist radio ad and how Mike single handedly gave Shirley an out and killed the media attention with his lying about the mail piece.

  13. atlantaman says:

    From what I gather, the ballot distribution at the Fulton convention was the equivalent of putting a mint bowl out at the cash register of a diner.

  14. lindas7474 says:

    Last night I attended a Wonderful Victory Dinner. I think Sue did an amazing job since it was her first. I too am on the State Committee and was approached by Mike Dvosrscak. He went on and on about all of the good work he has done for the party. Although i havent read the decision i dont think it was appropriate to lobby me at Sue’s dinner.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    No one should step down.

    A new election will be called and the question will be settled once and for all as to who won. It will be fair and honest.

    The AJC Political Insider is reporting on this and they have the link to the recommendation and the guidelines to how the new election will be held..

    I do not think that Dvorsak, Winter or the others were dishonest. I think there was mass confusion, chaos and poor planning and a new election should be held for Chairman.

  16. Mike Hauncho says:

    I do not think stepping down does anything to bring credibility back to the Fulton GOP. The ability to run an election which is fair to everyone will be the way to do that. As you may now Mike had nothing to do with the convention once it started. Ballot distribution was handeled by the sergant at arms and the Convention chair oversaw the election.

    The bottom line is there was poor planning which resulted in serval things falling apart at the same time. I think we get into this rut where we do everything as usual and forget to put some thought and effort into what our actual tasks are. A lot of this falls on Mike and a lot falls on those in various committees.

  17. Mike Hauncho says:


    What better time to lobby for re-relection then in a room full of potential voters? Every dinner we have is attended by politicians running for office, working the room, earning votes. I would rather the candidate do it in person, at a Republican function instead of over the phone during dinner or even worse through the mail.

  18. ChuckEaton says:

    The State Committee is not “re-electing” or electing a new Fulton Chairman. The members will be voting to approve, disapprove, or abstain the Committe on Appeals decision.

    If the State Committe approves the Committe on Appeals decision then there will be another Fulton County GOP Chairman’s election. I’m not sure if it’s been determined how the election will be conducted and whether Mike Dvorsack and/or Shawn Hanley will choose to be nominated.

  19. atlantaman says:

    “As you may now Mike had nothing to do with the convention once it started.”

    That’s some major buck passing. Yes, Mike technically was not in charge of the convention once it started, but he lined all the dominoes up beforehand and knocked the first one over.

    Mike was too arrogant, or ignorant, to believe that vote might be close, so he lined up a bunch of cronies in charge of the committees and never bothered to discuss the very real possibility of an election. It’s very basic: have one person in charge of counting the ballots going out and the same person in accountable for them coming in (with a representative of each candidate watching), just like the cash drawer at a store. Less time should have been dedicated to who was bringing the donuts and more time to a proper election.

    If he wants to clear his name and show everyone there was no dishonesty then he should be the first one calling for a new, clean election. Instead he’s fought an open, clean election every step of the way since the day of the original sham of an election. Now we’ve got a unanimous vote from the state party’s committee – that’s a powerful statement on the lack of controls during the Fulton GOP’s election.

    I think we all know why he’s fighting an election with proper checks and procedures: he’s afraid of the outcome. Why else would he fight it?

  20. lindas7474 says:

    I saw the AJC article today. Mike says “i welcome a new election”. Why didnt he welcome it 3, 4 or 5 months ago? Why does it take the committee to force a new election before he “welcomes one?” he sounds either very odd or very corrupt.

  21. lindas7474 says:

    Mike, The state Committee didnt even make a decision yet and he’s campaigning? It’s not about a taking advantage of a good campaign venue it’s about a lack of decency. Does he have no shame? He loses 5-0 and he’s running arouns campaigning on what? Integrity? honer? nobility? He should resign if he had any respect for himself……forget the party.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    He doesn’t have any respect for himself because he relies on people like Wendell “Got Any More Ballots I Can Stuff” Willard and Mark “I’ve Never Met A Female Lobbyist I can say ‘No’ To” Burkhalter telling him what to do and how to act.

  23. atlantaman says:

    This whole ordeal has been rather Nixonian. The cover-up appears to be worse than the crime.

    If Mike had only agreed to a fair re-vote 6 months ago, he probably would have won and there wouldn’t be a permanent cloud over him. Instead he’s fought the process tooth and nail all the way to the state party with a fairly amazing 5-0 vote against him and his high-priced elections attorney.

    Now there are so many people pissed off at him he’ll probably lose in a landslide.

    The house of cards is starting to crumble and the folks on the Fulton GOP board of directors need to make sure no last-minute party checks are written to that attorney – a la Clinton pardon of Marc Rich style.

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