10th Candidate Saxon Gets $$$ Love

According to a campaign press release, Congressional candidate Bobby Saxon surpassed all previous Democratic candidates in the last 10 years for first quarter reporting in just four weeks of fundraising. The Jackson County Democrat reported raising more than $44,000 in his first four weeks.

“We are extremely excited about the large amount of support we’ve received in the 10th District in just four weeks,” said Saxon.


  1. Erick says:

    That’s really good news for him. I don’t think he has a shot, given the dynamics of the district, but he improves his odds greatly with news like this.

    Anyone else thinking of getting in on the Democratic side?

  2. Jmac says:

    It’s a long shot for him, but he’s got the best chance any Democrat has had since Don Johnson.

    James Marlow is sitting out this go-round, and I don’t know about anyone else yet. Of course it is one year away, so who knows.

  3. Adrian Doyle says:

    I’m pretty sure Bobby’s the guy. He’s doing some great things right now.

    Terry Holley has formed an “exploratory committee,” but that’s a dead-end street.

    Erick, do you think Broun or Fleming will win the GOP primary?

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Broun will win the primary. I wish Barry Flemming well but the Incumbent will be difficult to beat.

    BTW- Are we talking about Don Johnson from Miami Vice???


  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Incumbents usually are difficult to beat, but most incumbents are not Paul Broun. Broun is the least ranking member of the minority party. Fleming holds an office, and for a level of government that holds contracts with companies in the district. Whether Saxon is successful or not, Broun is not as invulnerable as you would imagine.

  6. In the loop says:

    Not so fast, Tommy.

    Fleming raised $273K last quarter. Broun took in $52K.

    The incumbent gets a lot easier to beat when you have five times as much money as he does.

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