Shouldn’t That Be ‘Thank the Government’?

Because that’s what it boils down to.

As of 2001, MARTA was responsible for 19,600 jobs in the metro area, a number that will rise to 45,500 by 2055, the equivalent of the projected size of the hotel industry in 2055. Only 12,600 of those 2001 jobs were in Fulton and DeKalb counties. The total includes thousands of workers directly employed by MARTA and by vendors that depend on MARTA as a customer; jobs that exist because MARTA provides mobility, allowing employers to connect with a bigger worker pool and vice versa. That has


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    It’s a very unique prism you have to look through to appreciate all the jobs our tax money has created.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    The figure includes “jobs that exist because MARTA provides mobility”. How do you determine that? How many jobs in Atlanta wouldn’t exist if you couldn’t get there by train? I’ll conceed that the number might be greater than zero, but I’d love to know how one could “scientifically” pin it down.

    Interesting that the long-term projects are SO far out in the future that almost all of us reading this blog (as well as those who cooked up the projections) will be dead before they’re realized. Since the numbers are projected to more than double, while no one seriously expects expansion of MARTA’s heavy-rail lines, I suppose the lion’s share of this projected growth is in future “jobs that exist because MARTA provides mobility”. In other words, wild guesswork by a government-funded think tank.

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