1. Icarus says:

    I have yet to find a State Senator with even faint praise for the Great Plan.

    Interestingly, I’ve yet to find a State Rep that will tell me they support it, one-on-one, either. But they also know better than to cross thier speaker.

  2. Jace Walden says:

    I’m glad that the people in the senate show at least some ability to think for themselves, unlike the minions in the House who lick Richardson’s boots all day…

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Well, if they succeed in eliminating a lot of useless exemptions, it won’t be ‘GREAT’ but that will be a start.

  4. Painterman says:

    Non Property Owners will not see a huge tax increase. Users of services, which is all of us will now pay a tax on services. Including those who are not paying taxes now, so the tax pie is increased. Some will pay more and some will pay less. Any change to the tax system will do that. Art Laffer showed that there is a huge amount of revenue in GA that is not currently taxed. This is a shift of taxing a certain segment of Ga, “Property Owners” and spreading it around to a larger group. Someone tell me why it is fair to tax a persons personal property for eternity? If I use a service, I pay a tax. Like the FairTax

  5. rugby_fan says:


    Those House members willingly gave Richardson so much power that they are unable to think for themselves, lest they invoke his wrath.

    To me, that shows they lack the ability to think full stop.

  6. cheapseats says:

    and just how is owning property not a choice?

    I don’t know how it works in other places in Georgia but, around these parts, the homogenization of the retail landscape has most of our largest property owners as out-of-town (mostly out-of-state, too) sucking up our dollars and shipping them off to Arkansas, New York, California, etc.

    So, I’m pretty happy to have them to contribute their share to our local school districts.

    Circling back, how was it not their choice to buy up all that property to build their strip malls and big boxes? and, let us not forget the folks who are mostly behind this “GREAT” idea – the timber companies – mostly not based in Georgia.

  7. eburke says:

    Follow the money. When the propopents of an idea will not reduce it to writing and want to push it through the House in four days without debate and it will concentrate more power in Atlanta; that makes my skeptical mind very suspicious. Who is pushing this and what is the benefit to the proponents.

  8. Painterman says:

    And they will still be paying taxes in the services that they use. A corporation pays no taxes anyway. If you don’t know that you need to go back to school. Home and Land ownership is part of the American Dream, having it taxed out from under you is just plain wrong.

  9. eburke says:

    I don’t like property tax any more than the next guy. I propose that we eliminate all property tax in Georgia; collect all sales tax and income tax in each county and then let the County Commissioners decide how much to send to Atlanta to operate the State Government. This would end property tax and maintain local control. It would keep the state government in check and the voters would have to keep thier commissioners in check.

  10. cheapseats says:

    eburke – you are really onto something but, Rep. Erhart has already suggested that might be the best way to go and if it is the will of the people, he will demand that it be placed on the ballot as a Constitutional Amendment because he is a man of integrity and stands by what he believes.

    So, I am totally on-board with his new idea to stop the flow of money to the state and return to the principle of local control that all good Republicans believe is best.

    He makes a great point that the DOT is completely useless and wasteful. I’m sure he would agree that the state department of education really violates the whole local control ideal – though they have certainly done a great job of making sure that Georgia remains in the Top 50 in education of all the states in the whole USA!

    Gimme hell, Earl!

  11. IndyInjun says:

    Cheapseats – You are right, Corps DO pay taxes.

    A certain fringe element of the GOP denies this.

    Taxes are another cost of business to be managed against revenues established by competition, The only way that they are an add-on or pass-through is where there is no competition and the corp sets prices.

  12. Painterman says:

    Cheapseats your ignorance is really amazing. If you think a corporation pays taxes and doesn’t pass the cost along then your beyond help. The responsibility to save and earn the means to buy and maintain a home would suggest that one has earned income and paid taxes, both as income and sales tax. That in my opinion is enough. Are you one of these liberals who think everything belong to the government and the “elite” who know better ant thus are special and don’t have to follow the rules themselves? Just the common slub you look down on who pays your way with their sweat?

  13. cheapseats says:

    Oh! Now, I get it. I am so ignorant but I do appreciate the lessons and I’m eager to learn more.

    So, by your logic, actually corporations do not ever pay anything for anything. They don’t pay for merchandise or labor or utilities or outside services such as IT or legal or marketing – they don’t even pay for their advertising because all of this gets passed onto the consumers with a little extra added to cover the multi-million dollar bonuses for their executives which, of course, they don’t pay for either.

    I’m starting to catch on…please continue with the economics lessons. It’s fascinating stuff!

    Do I think everything belongs to the government? No, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have enough money to hire my own private police and fire departments. I don’t mind kicking in a few bucks to help out because it’s quite a good bargain compared to the high prices and lousy service I get from most private companies. I haven’t yet been able to overcome my Christian roots that have brainwashed me into thinking that I should care about other people. I’m trying but it’s going to take a while. I plan to go kick some homeless children and steal their shoes later today as part of my re-education.

    I’d appreciate any more tips you can give me that will help me to see that the only thing that matters in this world is that I take all I can take from anybody and everybody I can take it from.

    You’ll see that I might be ignorant but I’m not stupid. 😉

  14. Painterman says:

    Let’s see you think the government does a better job than the private sector??? Well that says a lot right there. Name one government program that pays for itself? My Christian upbringing makes me want to help the needy too, only I want to decide when, where and how myself, not by government direction. I’m smart enough to determine how best to spend my money thank you. And by the way it is our money that they are spending.

  15. Harry says:

    In our discussion about revenue sources let’s not overlook the source of the trouble – bloated state spending. Are there some who want to change the subject from controlling spending to rearranging taxes?

  16. Harry says:

    I’m worried about the perception that our GOP leadership is not wanting to deal with out-of-control state spending.

  17. Holly says:

    Harry, I’m afraid that’s not just a perception. It’s a reality. Now, it can be fixed – and it should be! This is one of the major reasons our state turned the Democrats out of power, because we were told that their spending was ridiculous. Well. . . Republicans in office need to step up and find more ways to strip the pork. We promised; we must deliver if we want to continue to be the majority party in Georgia.

  18. IndyInjun says:


    The GOP leaders have deceived us and it is kind of hard for them to restore confidence.

    Ron Paul has been consistent in his votes against the mad spending of the GOP.

  19. IndyInjun says:


    Never may arrive before late.

    I don’t give a snake a second strike and neither do a lot of Indies and Conservatives.

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