Cooper for Senate. Snuggles and Dale Get Competition.

ImageRumor from a great source of mine tonight is that Dr. Larry Cooper, who backed Roy Barnes for Governor and chaired Shirley Franklin’s Finance Committee might be running in the Democratic Primary for the Senate.

He’s trying to get together with Kasim Reed who thinks Cooper could raise a lot of money.

Cooper co-chaired the Anti-Defamation League’s annual dinner and was working the room hard. I assume he is this guy.


  1. JamesStratfield says:

    Welcome another ultra-liberal to the race for Senate. This guy is a big time contributor to Hillary, Kerry, and Dean. Is that really what we want? Is that even what the Democrats want…

  2. JDP says:

    If thats the guy in the link, what reason does he really have to run for Senate. His bio gives me no reason to think he’ll do anything. Will make the primary more interesting, but the guy has zero shot of making the general or winning it.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    The bow-tie is an interesting look.

    Can I just say, I fully expect the Democrats to make the swearing in of Paul Broun a key issue on the campaign trail.

    They have seen how a new congressman can not get sworn in, and they are afraid that that may happen to them as well.

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