What’s Good For The Muslim Is Good For The Christian/Jew/Wiccan/Buddhist/Pantheist

While I am very often critical of Mayor Ellis and City Council here in Macon, I do see fit to praise them of late. I was delighted to learn that neither the Mayor nor City Council are intimidated by issues of separation of powers and separation of church and state.

Letting Mayor Ellis conduct an Islamic religious celebration in City Council Chambers may not be progress that most progressives like, but for an evangelical Christian like myself, I must applaud it. I certainly hope that other religions embrace this new precedent of free access to City Council Chambers for religious celebrations. I eagerly await a public baptism celebration, community communion, and all the other religious celebrations I expect to see under this new precedent.

Now, some people say that City Council is just doing this because it’s Mayor Ellis and we all know how he is. But I cannot imagine the responsible, upstanding members of City Council would not realize that once they’ve opened the doors to one religion’s celebrations, they cannot shut it to others without discriminating among religions.

I have deplored the City’s new precedent of taxpayer funded hotels, but this embrace of religious ceremonies in City Council Chambers at no cost despite progressive platitudes about walls between church and state and constitution platitudes about separation of powers is a bold and courageous step forward for this city of so many churches. I hope they all take advantage of it.



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