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“Republican Richardson wants to take an eraser to the Georgia Constitution and rub out the principle of ‘home rule.’ Wasn’t it central planning that, over time, caused the downfall of the Soviet Union?…Should the Speaker and his comrades succeed in transferring local power to the gold dome in Atlanta, who knows what political intrigues and backroom deals will be required to make sure the appropriate monies return to the local taxpayers.” – David Chastain in today’s Marietta Daily Journal

I thought Republicans opposed centralization of government.


  1. dorian says:

    Funny thing, you hear Richardson and Erhardt talk about how much support this thing has, but every news article I’ve ever read, particularly the ones like this one which quote actual real live people, is against it. Where’s this ‘80% support’ I keep hearing so much about? 80% is a lot right? That’s like 8 out of 10 people. Must be a very silent majority there fellas.

  2. Still Looking says:

    This so called Great Tax doesn’t pass the smell test. Unless the test is does it smell like s—-. I can’t wait to how the Speaker handles it when the rank and file start to bolt.

  3. Icarus says:

    The rank and file don’t bolt. Just ask Mac Crawford. They walk across the hall and beg their Senator not to vote for the POS.

  4. atlantaman says:

    I sure wouldn’t use the two or three people a newspaper “selects” for an interview as a guage for the level of support an issue has statewide – even Insider Advantage has a better system than that.

  5. dingleberry says:

    Glenn Marx and Fat Earl Errorhardt have got to be the two biggest dolts in the state of Georgia. That should give you an idea of how intelligent their respective constituencies are. They must represent the two biggest groups of morons in the state.

  6. suwtiger says:

    I bet 80% of the folks would like to remove property taxes. I also would bet the mortgage that 80% of the folks would like to remove the state income tax. I also believe 80% would vote to eliminate violent crime, hurricanes, earthquakes and to get a free Happy Meal on Wednesdays.
    What is not being asked is what are you willing to give up and spend to get there.

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