Libertarians to run for Senate

In case you’ve missed it two Libertarians have announced their candidacies for the United States Senate.

Last week the Political Insider noted Allen Buckley‘s, 2004 US Senate nominee, entrance in the race.

And those of you who subscribe to the Georgia Libertarian Online already know that Jon Banks declared his candidacy today, also picked up by PI (after a tip from me).

The Libertarian Party will choose its nominee on March 1st at the annual convention, details on the convention will be available soon.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I wonder if Mr. Buckley will find a spot other than the floor 5 feet in front of him 15 degrees to the left when he speaks too people. Mr. Charisma, he’s not.

    The last time he ran, he spoke to the Gwinnett LP and said how he had a laundry list of government programs to enact, and had great things to say about the current Federal tax system (he is a tax attorney, so maybe it’s self interest).

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