Don’t Speed Through Luthersville

Matt Morgan may be working solo, but he’s doing a great job.

Matt Morgan had been a Luthersville police officer for less than a month when the rest of his three-man department became the subject of a criminal investigation.

A month later, his police chief and the other officer were arrested in connection with the alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman.

Now Morgan’s running the show by himself.

Luthersville Police Chief David Yates, 42, is charged with rape, violation of oath of office, false imprisonment and false imprisonment under color of legal process. The other officer, 32-year-old Jason Hardegree, is facing charges of influencing a witness and violation of oath of office.

Both men are out on bond, but Yates is on paid administrative leave and Hardegree resigned.

Their absence leaves Morgan, 23, as the lone Luthersville officer to patrol city streets.

Funny to note the townsfolk saying Morgan has already been pulling over more people than the Chief of Police has done in six years.

Good for him.


  1. Chris says:


    When the people who get the tickets demand to face their accuser in court there will be no one patrolling the streets of that town?


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