College Football Pick’em Results

Yet another wonderful week for the storming Seminoles.

Noles Win 163 Points
1 Icarus – 778 points
2 The Correct Picks – 769 points
3 Tomorrow’s Scores Today – 767 points
4 mmmm Cold Beer – 734
5 Picks of the Driving Buddha – 668 points
6 Reclaim Your Republic – 601 points
7 Gooo Jackets – 515 points
8 Carpe Forem – 453 points
9 Al Smith’s Rabbi – 258 points


  1. Icarus says:

    As I posted on the site, I had to fight off the urge to reverse all of my picks, but I chalked that up to cold meds and beer. So, Icarus generated only 49 of 120 available points, yet still finished ahead of 3 people who participated, plus two folks who are only part time pickers.

    Not my best week. Scares me to think it might not be my worst, either.

  2. The Warsaw Ferryman says:

    Again, a shameless plug for The Driving Buddha’s/Warsaw Ferryman’s attempt at a computer poll. Thanks to Doug Deal for his programming expertise dragging my manual calculations into this century or at least last.

    The next step – getting the AJC to adopt this!

  3. Icarus says:

    RE: Shameless Plug,

    Since this is a new poll, there should be something front and center to tell Rugby and the rest of us that are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in proper fashion what we’re looking at in a quick synopsis. That, and UGA should be ahead of Boise State and Mississippi State. I’m pretty sure I can get Glenn Richardson and Rep. Ehrhart to pass that quicker than elimination of all property taxes.

    Also, good job not starting the defense, btw.

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