A Mike Jacobs Sighting

Several folks have asked why Mike Jacobs has been keeping a low profile. Apparently we’ve just not been looking in the right places. The tip line reports that he was apparently out last week at a fundraiser and a Georgia for Equality event.

It appears he is still in the game.


  1. Paul from Jefferson says:

    Erick, please remember the program – anyone who leaves the GOP to join the “party of truth and light” is a saint, but anyone who leaves it is among the lowest of the low.

  2. new-guy says:

    They need a real Republican to stand up out there. He, as many before him, changed parties not on principal but just to politically survive with the majority. He’s been a Republican for six months and hes supposed to get a free pass? Ive been a Republican for alomost sixty years and i dont get a gift like that

  3. drjay says:

    my state rep did that–he primaried a recent switcher to the gop and his stump speech included a line about having been a gop for 50 years and his opponent having been one for 50 days…

    he beat her in a primary and ran unopposed in the general…and unopposed again for reelection in 06

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