Vulnerable Congressional Seats

The Washington Post highlights the ten most likely Congressional seats to change hands:

9. Georgia’s 8th District (Currently D): Retired Gen. Rick Goddard is the crown jewel in House Republicans’ candidate recruiting to date, but has drawn mixed reviews on the campaign trail. And former Rep. Mac Collins, who narrowly missed ousting Rep. Jim Marshall (D) in 2006, still refuses to rule out a bid despite the fact that Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) has thrown his support behind Goddard. President Bush won this district, which was redrawn mid-decade Georgia Republicans, with 61 percent of the vote in 2004, and Marshall’s close call last year reveals it is a tough hold for any Democrat. But Marshall is a savvy pol, and Goddard’s abilities as a candidate remain an open question. (Previous ranking: 6)

I am a new resident of the 8th District and I don’t think I’ll vote for Goddard in a general election. He seems to be running a terrible campaign…but I just can’t bring myself to vote for Marshall either.


  1. keyth77 says:

    I don’t why republicans keep wasting their time trying to unseat Marshall. They think Godddard can beat marshall because of his military background & the fact he was major general at Robins Airforce Base. If that’s all goddard has to run on he a dead duck. Marshall has had the support of independents & republicans since he won the seat back in 2001. The only wat a republican can beat marshall is to go to the right of marshall. Porblem is that no one can’t get to the right of marshall because he is a conservative in the mold of Zell Miller which I expect miller to throw his support behind marshall in 2008. With the RCCC short on money, piles of debt, with retirements of republican congressnen don’t expect to see the money flow in the district like you saw last year. As I predicted with John Barrow’s 12th district the 8th district won’t be as close in 2008 as it was in 2006.

  2. Harry says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Goddard’s military leadership background apparently doesn’t transfer to political campaign skills.

    Maybe Zell could talk Marshall into a switch. Somehow I don’t see that district belonging to Nancy Pelosi.

    (just speculating)

  3. steelfist says:

    What has Goddard done Jason for him to not earn your vote? Care to elaborate on how he’s run a “terrible campaign.”

  4. Toddrob says:

    Marshall has a terrible attendance record in Congress. Over 400 out of 435 Members of Congress show up to work more than he does. He should have gone to visit the troops during the month long Congressional vacation scheduled a week and a half after his trip. Goddard had a son in Iraq for over a year, he is the only one in this race that has sent a son to war and knows how important troop moral is.

  5. ugavi says:

    Just curious, how many times did Congressman Marshall go to Iraq or Afghanistan before Goddard got in the race.

    If it was numerous times good for him. If not, seems like political pandering.

  6. steelfist says:

    chrisishardcore – so you are saying it was ok for Marshall to miss votes? Isn’t his only constitutionally duty to be present in the House to vote on our behalf? I think was important for him to be present at the farm bill date since it dictates policy for Georgia’s number one industry – AGRICULTURE – for the next 5 years.

  7. Mark Rountree says:

    Chris, please elaborate, it would be interesting to learn your personal view on this…

    The front lines in the war on terror: do they include both Afghanistan AND Iraq? Or just Afghanistan?

    You know what I’m asking…

  8. Toddrob says:

    “Political Pandering” Definition – Jim Marshall going to Afghanistan for 24 hours (total 5 days out of the country 2 flying there 1 day there and 2 flying back) and writing a 6 day dissertation in the Macon telegraph. The fact that he asserts that he was

  9. Toddrob says:

    these trips also makes for great political sound bites on the tax payer dime. Hmmmmm let’s see… if you look at his editorial on his trip to Afganistan… the word “I” occurs 45 times, “my” 17 times, and “me” 9 times… hmmmm… lets milk these trips for as much political capital as possible.

  10. Bill Hagan says:

    It is a strange world where I find myself agreeing with chrisishardcore . Rick is a good man and should be respected but he will never even come close to defeating Jim. If Mac doesn’t enter this race I will have a very hard time voting for Rick.

  11. for taxjesus sake, everyone knows that when jim is not in iraq, he sleeps on the floor of his office and questions have arisen whether congressmen have to be present to vote, so there is no way that comparative analysis of who votes in congress could be accurate.

    in the meantime, Amy is handing Jim’s 8th district, two star, office accomodation floor to General Goddard.
    i’ve been tryin to tell her for years that if all the Georgia Democrats just joined the Georgia Republican party, everything would smooth out like asphalt.

    this is my favorite quote from General Goddard:

  12. Holly says:

    To be fair, according to that list, Lynn’s missed more votes than Jim Marshall.

    And I’m fairly non-violent, but I’d like to pinch the person who leaves the deceased members on the list, even if there is a note there. How horrid!

  13. steelfist says:

    Holly not sure why we need to be fair here. Lynn’s not running in the 8th District, Jim Marshall is and that is why his voting attendance is important.

  14. rugby_fan says:

    I think this seat is highly vulnerable.

    DSCC has $22.1 million with $3.1 million in debt.

    Their GOP counterpart has $1.6 million with $4 million in debts.

    Congratulations on your re-election Congressman Marshall!

  15. Jace Walden says:

    I hate to be the one to break it to the Washington Post, but Jim Marshall’s seat is in no way, shape, or form up for grabs. Republicans would be wise to focus their time, effort, and attention elsewhere.

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